Monday, July 25, 2011

Are You Wondering if B.S. Yedyurappa Will Resign?

It is now about 48 hours prior to the official release of Karnataka Illegal Mining report to be make public by the Lokayukta (Ombudsmen) Justice Santosh Hegde. Anything can happen in the state as well as national politics after that. Speculations are abound. The English 'mainstream' TV media should be salivating for *breaking news*, to take the focus away from the *heart-breaking news* of scams of the other party, for which there seems to be a cushy soft corner.

To help you kill some time during this period, some interesting points and questions.

B.S.Yedyurappa, in short BSY, has built BJP and its earlier avatars, meticulously in Karnataka from ground up for nearly 4 decades. He achieved something impossible to even imagine just 25 years back.. a majority government headed by a 'north Indian' BJP, in a south Indian state! Kudos to him as well as the marvelous list of achievements his government has pulled off over the past three years.

You can listen to a very long list of achievements of Yedyurappa government, from the horse's mouth itself here:

B.S. Yedyurappa. Image from Rediff
Since, I am not writing this to present Global Investor's meet, or 20-point implementation or the dozens of awards the state won on development efforts, lets get back to the mining part. If you followed Delhi based 'national' media, you might have only heard of 3 things: a) land scams. b) illegal mining. c) why isn't he resigning. :)

Here we go with some thought provoking questions, not in any particular order, while leaving the conclusion to yourself ...
  1. How many channels screaming Karnataka,Karnataka, told you that Sonia Gandhi won from the same mine district Ballary? Has anyone bothered to investigate who supported on the ground with manpower and finances?After all mining in Ballary didn't start yesterday.... even in 1999, Ballary had nearly 25% of India's iron ore deposit and all political parties had close mine connections.
  2. Did NDTV or Times Now inform that Karnataka Lokayukta might be indicting Anil Lad, based on leaked portions of the reports? Anil became a RS MP with Sonia's blessing. If never heard of Lad family, please check this out from Congress4India website.
  3. Amazing NDTV! They talk about politicians mining Ballary - But Sonia Gandhi, who became an MP from the same Ballary, isn't even mentioned :) How 'neutral'!
  4. It's so funny that media channels talk about BJP's double standards on corruption, while they ignore Delhi Lokayukta's damning reports against a sitting CM and her government. We will cover that a bit later right here.
  5. What Times Now or NDTV wouldn't tell is that, Hegde's report might show Rs.20000 crores of loss (per leaked reports) since the year 2000. In that Yedyurappa government's tally during the past 14 months might be Rs.1827 crores. Simple maths tells me that Congress and Janata Dal Secular's portions might be as high as 90% in that case. Why aren't they being slammed on national channels? You guess..
  6. If Yedyurappa has to resign, don't you bet that he should take Deve Gowda family MPs,  Congress MP Dharam Singh, UPA minister SM Krishna? By the way where is that Rameshwar Thakur who allowed plenty of mining licenses as a governor during president's rule? Hmn... I don't know if any other 'Presidents' rule ever allocated so many licenses, so 'urgently' :)
  7. Now you want some numbers? Here we are: Mining licenses recommend by CMs versus granted by Government of India: Dharam Singh (CON): 43/33; HD Kumaraswamy (JDS) 47/22; UPA government headed by Sonia Gandhi (during President's Rule) 22/14; and Yedyurappa (BJP) 22/2. What? So Yedyurappa, the big bad boy, only got two mining licenses in the entire decades of super busy mining industry of Karnataka? Numbers are making a bit more interesting now.
  8. Now to some very thorough & hard reading exercise: The same Karnataka Lokayukta, Santosh Hegde, had published his first report in December 2008. See Page 161 from that very detailed original report copy, for which the link was just provided. Congress CM Dharam Singh was held responsible  for causing a big loss of Rs.23,22,11,850 to the exchequer. Nice... I didn't see any 'national' TV channels going ballistic on Dharam Singh even today, while he is prettily sitting as a Lok Sabha MP in the parliament!
  9. Ballary Mines. Image from Deccan Herald
    Getting unnerved by numbers? Don't worry, here's is a short, but very factual summary of what Karnataka illegal mining saga is all about. Must read if you didn't get a full flow of what's happening till now - by a self professed 'vertebrate' journalist, Vicky Nanjappa.
  10. Are we missing a big fish over here, while focusing too much on the 'evil' BJP government? Let's see.. In May 2008, BJP came to power on its own. Right after 3 months, in August of 2008, Karnataka High Court quashes 36 mine licenses sanctioned by a 'former' Chief Minister from 2003.  So who could that 'former' CM be? Even Mr. Hegde skipped the one and only one, Mr. S.M. Krishna :)
  11. How could Hegde not have ONE mention of SM Krishna's name in 2008 or 2011 mining reports (per leaked info), when High Court quashed 36 Krishna sanctioned licenses? Aha.. now you are asking the questions..
  12. I wanted to ask at this point: Dear Mr. Hegde, 128 out of 152 Karnataka mining lease recommendations were sent by SM Krishna, HD Kumaraswamy, Dharam Singh and Governor Thakur. Were they all 100% "pristine" & law-abiding in terms of execution? We know  you might name one or two of them, but why not ALL?
  13. Are we forgetting someone else? Let's see.. Oh yeah, in fact, it was then mining minister V Muniyappa under SM Krishna's government in 2003, who allowed quarrying even in forest areas! Jairam Ramesh would have tore his hair in the public if it was in 2010:)
  14. You thought that was extreme? You have more fun, just in Karnataka: It's not just in 2003, but much earlier in 2000, the same Muniyappa and SM Krishna combo had allowed private parties mine in forest areas! Hello Mr.Jairam Ramesh :)
  15. Now that you have heard about some 'partners in crime', how many told you that Yedyurappa was the first CM of India who banned iron ore exports? (Incidentally, it was the Congress Rajya Sabha MP & Spokesperson, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, who was the lawyer for anti-ban teams!) Also, it was him, who ordered the Lokayukta investigation to go beyond the year 2008 duration? I guess not many.. Oh.. did you at least know, that when Karnataka banned ore export from 9 ports under its control, Manmohan Singh's UPA government didn't bother to ban the 10th port, under central control, even after repeated pleading?
  16. After 15 questions, your head might be spinning.. So we were told that Yedyurappa was the 'baddest' guy occupying a CM's seat in India by the English media. Let's see how does the same media treat others? 
  17. First, our dearest Sheila Dikshit. The other side of Indian media immediately pops up. Four months after the Shunglu report, protests, arrests, this Delhi Congress CM is 'Surf Excel' clean :)
  18. Not just that, do you know that even an ordinary minister of this Congress CM has guts to hit back at a hapless Lokayukta? You must be wondering by now, why is Karnataka Lokayukta is 'special' for media, while that hapless Delhi Lokayukta never comes to prime time TV shows to hit at his state's CM?
  19. Not just corruption, but do read Kanchan Gupta's blog on how the same Sheila Dikshit & her MP son, shamefully washed hands off 66 deaths:
  20. Aha.. is it dawning to you by now that if you are in the good book of 'some' dynasty,  even the President of India will give you a clean chit herself, no matter what the Lokayukta screams!
  21. That's enough on Delhi's CM and that state's Lokayukta. How about a couple of other cases, specifically focusing on illegal mining? It has been one year since the late Congress CM YSR's son-in-law & brother-in-law's huge illegal mining issue in AP came up in the state assembly. Has the 'national' media done even one prime time show on this? 
  22. If I have to start writing on the *famous* Reddy brothers of Ballary, where they came from in Ananthapur district of Andhra Pradesh, what was their connection for a long number of years with the then Congress strongman YSR, I might need another blog for itself.. For this blog, its enough to mention that, Karnataka politics knew for long time who might have shielded Reddy brothers, from the other side of the border!
  23. Even as late as 2008, large scale illegal mining was happening in Haryana, despite the ban.  Did the media bother to do any investigation by itself?
  24. Here's the most notable thing: While a big portion of Indian media's efforts were to lose sleep on why Yedyurappa hasn't resigned, Time magazine published a list of the worst abuse of power in the entire world, cutting across generations. Surprise.. surprise.. Sonia Gandhi's greatest achievement as the chairperson of UPA, just happened to be 'crowned' the all time 2nd WORST abuse of power in the world!-  TIME: Top 10 Abuses of Power : India's Telecoms Scandal - By Ishaan Tharoor Tuesday, May 17, 2011  . Ironically, that page was written by none other than Kerala Congress MP's Shashi Tharoor's son, Ishaan :)

So, are you still wondering if Yedyurappa will resign?
Will he?
Should he?
Should he alone, while the others mentioned above, roam free?

Drop in a line of comment so that me and others reading this can get your point of view.


  1. My head is really spinning while reading this:)there is no wonder in Yeddy's argument that he hasn't done any thing wrong that others hadn't done:)But this saga is not only abt Yeddy's abt BJP's clean image..their stand on corruption 'll completly be diluted if they keep defending yeddy..ppl wil surely won't accept 'you too corrupt' type deates:) I don't worry abt Yeddy,but abt BJP!!!point any corruption of Cong frm independence,they'll show u yeddy..we must stop it for the sake of India's future:)we must stop cong frm coming back to power in 2014,stop defending yeddy, WE NEED BJP.

  2. Sirjee, this is plethora of information - exposing miniature of doule std game played by CONG and media. Also i desist the wish pseudo Corrupt free person, that BJP should kick off BSY mere on perception created by media and CONG. As the next stop would b pushing BJP to remove NaMO, where he is targeted merely on perception. Not only Media, i dont see even common man doesnt muster the courage to name Sonia or CONGRESS for their wrong despite being exposed repeatedly and in worst form. Infact all this is advantage CONG, that they r soo naked, ki ab unhe naked nahi kiya ja sakta and people have accepted corrupt cong as part of their life

  3. Comparing Modi sir wit yeddy is no gud..if there was no Modi,there would be no BJP in gujarat after uncorruptable leader..THERE IS NO DOUBT that Yeddy is corrupt..aft removing him,let us ask for #sackshiela #sackPC #sacksibal :)

  4. There is no doubt about Cong corruption.But BJP is supposed 2 b a party with difference.Shud v support BSY just bcoz cong opposes him?BSY built the party from scratch & he deserves appreciation.That doesnt mean he can do corruption & get away.

  5. Before jumping to conclusion, we should wait for the official report by mr hegde.

  6. Rising Gladiator:
    I doubt I have much to argue against your point. It's crystal clear.

    Anjali and Dhruvan :
    There are some questions to you:

    a) Has BSY been convicted of any mining or other scam by a Lokayukta or CAG or CVC or a court till date? If yes, which case and case number please. He might after today, but the question is about the past.

    b) If BJP has to have a higher bar for corruption, don't you think Congress and regional parties should have at least 50% of its level? When the only current CM who has been CBI charge-sheeted can be elected with a thumping majority in TN, and the only CM who has been indicted twice by Lokayukta, Sheila, can walk with heads high, don't you think the bar is ridiculously high for Yedyurappa? I am not arguing if he is corrupt or not. You know better.

    c) Why aren't the bigger pawns in the mining equation, like SM Krishna, YSR's family, Dharam Singh, Haryana's mining ministry etc., are being given a totally clean chit?

    d) Lokayukta might blame Yedyurappa for 2 things: One, Rs.10 crore of donation from Jindal to BSY's son's Prerana trust. Two, not acting soon on other ministers whose links to illegal mining might have been apparent to him.
    My take on the first one is not very harsh. As Jindal imports ores and also headed by a Congress woman (Savitri Jindal), it might be a non-issue. The second one is similar to what Manmohan Singh is being accused of, at a much smaller scale.

    Overall, Are we settling for one set of very high bar for BJP while others essentially walk free? If that's the case, isn't that a punishment for BJP for claiming a 'party with a difference'?

    - Kiran

  7. Kiran, yet another profound chronology of facts and figures that a commoner, no just about anybody else listening to the ballistic banters of a irrational media, would not only beg to know but must know in the spirit of balance. It is a finite piece of writing with the required jest it deserves.

    It is funny that nothing of the 24 points above have ever been remotely mentioned by the dynastic dependent Main Stream Media. I am surprised that Arnab Goswami at Times Now, known for better diligence and counterpoise, too deliberately chose to ignore all blatant facts, facts that are more damaging to the country than the Yeddy subject itself. While it is quite understandable and acceptable coming from NDTV, a characterless channel, Times Now could have shown more application to their hitherto boastful claim as being the exponents of unraveling scams! Anyway, that is beside the point here. My personal awareness to some extent of the depth of this framed scam on Yeddy was through the blog by Vicky Nanjappa. I was also under the impression that Yeddy was in deep shit and consequently BJP needed to do something to somehow get rid of him and salvage their repeatedly flailing image. I was not only deeply surprised at knowing the real facts but was ashamed of myself to have also got into believing the inexorable lies Media and CON were putting across to the general public.

    The relentless media banter augmented by CON cry for blood has already done its damage to the image Yeddy carried behind him as being a 'doer'. Now, with Lokayukta serving the death sentence, I wonder how Yeddy will circumvent the implication and vindicate himself off charges framed against him. No doubt the term of the present Lokayukta concludes in another week or so and legally, this Government needn't have to worry much about the report. However, I see something more nefarious in the Lokayukta, particularly Mr. Hegde, in re-emphasizing to the Media that he would approach the Supreme Court knowing fully well that the BJP State Government would refuse to act on the report. What is really shocking and perplexing is the rage of the combined CON/MEDIA/LOKAYUKTA blitzkreig against Yeddy!

    It is interesting days ahead for Karnataka. If BJP was to not back Yeddy now, the 29% or so of Lingayats of Karnataka would find it tough to support BJP again and that is a sizable chunk of votes to ignore. If only the 24 point facts above were made known to the public, and to the BJP leadership who now cry for his blood, it would not only salvage Yeddy's BJP Government, but also accentuate BJP's first ever Government in the South.

    I wish better sense and determination prevails upon BJP to confront the hollow howls of Sonia and her Congress Looters and perhaps shout them down during the forthcoming Parliament session. Yeddy is the only subject CON can latch on to, to accost a very voluble BJP and other Opposition parties with regard to its defense against all the esoteric Scams and internal security imperfections haunting them.

    I would like to thank you for sharing this scathingly perceptive narrative which is a hefty bag of well researched facts about mining in general and the predominant involvement of everyone else excluding Yeddy in the raging issue.

  8. Hi Kiran

    a)Pls tell me if Pawar is named in any report but we know he is corrupt.It is similar to BSY.You know better than me.Cant BJP give strong message to regional leaders who are blackmailing them?

    b)TN CM has returned two time after cases has been imposed against her.She was imposed 12 cases.she was freed in 11 cases.The fact is that she has mass support irrespective of caste & religion.She has a regional party not a national party.

  9. Hi Kiran, Your twitter profile says you are a 'Techno-manager'. Still, you were able to grab this much of data irrespective of your other commitments. I really wonder, what our 'national media' who are supposed to spend time on gather such inputs are doing in this regard? It's utter dubiousness and bias on the part of the 'national', english news networks to project a completely erratic and influential propagandist presentation day in and day out. Must shout back at them as we consumers of their news products are being sold the stale and fake outputs of their news factories with vested and dubious interests.
    However, thanks for your publication and wish you to bring to surface more and more of such facts. Thanks.

  10. But sir,BJP is no regional party,wat happens in Karnataka must not affect BJP's fortunes in 2014..that's all I can say.

  11. excellent compilation of facts, Bjp shouldn't fall into the trap of shameless media. it should judge yeddy on facts, the argument that Bjp will get clean image by dumping yeddy is silly argument. Bjp should learn to go beyond the images of media if it wants to achieve anything meaningful. this shameless media won't stop with yeddy. Bjp shouldn't give biased media upperhand over it's decisons that should be based on facts not media created impressions

  12. Kiran

    Another of your brilliant posts. This needs to be passed on to the wider audience not just on Twitter, but all social networking sites. I can assure you that I'll do my bit. Having said that, I still do feel that in the larger interest of the BJP and the nation, BSY must step aside until his name is cleared from this allegation.

    I know you would ask me, why only BSY and not others, Obviously everyone has to resign, but you can't expect CON or JD(S) to act sanely. BJP being the party with a difference must act differently (& correctly) with this issue. Only then will BJP be able to garner more support across India.

    Presently this BSY issue has become the favourite punching bag for CON & media to justify all kinds of corruption, if BSY steps aside, even the media wont find a reason to point fingers at BJP!

  13. why should BSY should resign ?
    It is hegde who is the culprit in the whole episode.
    He is power hungry & always wants to be in limelight.
    Karnataka governor is the most sincere dof og sonia family - i wish you mail these to his official mail id if any or even you can publish it any english " national newspaper " in an open ed column - probably new indian express is the only paper which will publish such truth.

    You have spent a lot of time in compile these data - i wonder even BJP party people or official spokesperson would have so much of data.

    Very informative.
    S.RANGANATHAN ( ranga_chennai in twitter )

  14. @prashhanthkpp -
    Sir, awesome comment covering Times Now, caste politics and overall how the strategy is unraveling on such media created 'outrage'. I have very little to say against what you have written. Great job!

    I also applaud your efforts in visiting so many blogs, leaving comments and promoting blogs. You are a true blogo-holic :)


    @Mukunthan Iyer :
    There is almost nothing that I tweet or blog which is not already on the public domain. It's only a matter of interest, focus and dissemination of noise from facts, that determines the ultimate product, such as this blog. If one has financial or other 'obligation' to cleverly leave out key points, or beat up extra length certain points, it won't be long before people find that out.


    @praveen :
    I agree 100% that BJP should not fall into the trap of 'replace BSY', just to prove a point. It's like keeping article 370 in Kashmir to 'prove' a point, while neither Pakistan, nor China ever followed the same on their occupied pieces of Kashmir. High grounds when taken foolishly, back fires.


    @Anjali Devi :
    But tell me one thing. Will BJP's fortune for 2014 be better without Yedyurappa?

    Of course, if he is found guilty conclusively by a court or equivalent authorities, he must quit. No one is above the law. From what we can see, there are shades of premature sacrificing being attempted here.

  15. @s.ranganathan :
    Here is my personal take on Justice Santosh Hegde. His father was a very well respected nyaya vaadi. Santosh has been outstanding too on the cleanliness & transparency side. However, he didn't pass my tests on a few occasions.

    a) too much public drama involving emotions. Remember Advani personally asking him to 'reconsider'?
    b) apparently, too lenient on SM Krishna. I am not accusing him, but doubting his motive when High Court quashed 36 mining licenses of SM Krishna. What's he trying to achieve by letting off forest area mining license from Krishna/Muniyappa combo?
    c) Anyone doing as serious a job as him would know that his phone might be tapped. Why make public drama 3 months later? He is police after all. Issue an FIR and arrest those who tapped his phone.

    Is he trying to be a Janlokpal or a Governor after retirement from Lokayukta?

    @Memoirs (and @Dhruvan):
    I appreciate sir! Feel free to circulate to whoever having strong opinion about Karnataka mining.

    You are asking a similar question as @Dhruvan in the comments earlier to yours.

    My elaboration is as follows when it comes to any leader in India -

    a) Allegations: Every Tom, Dick and Harry will have allegations. I doubt any leader can be allegation free. Some are backed up with facts while the others can be 'Diggy' style :). I doubt any leader has to resign merely based on allegations.

    b) Parallel court systems or independent auditing entities: This covers Lokayukta, Lokpal (in future), CVC, CBI, CAG etc. If these systems indict you, unless you can quickly disprove that via courts, you have to temporarily quit. This is where Sheila Dikshit's example is so important to decide the course of action of Yedyurappa. Moral high grounds of 'party of difference' wont' cut too far if the bar is set too high for BJP. You will be seeing only Congress rules, if that's the case.

    c) Courts : Once someone is found guilty in Apex, High or Supreme courts, the game is over. Even if one removes the blemish quickly at a higher court, it's important to make way for someone cleaner at the chair.

    Hope it explains:
    - Kiran

  16. This post is apt & quite informative, simply can't understand why & How under the leadership of Shri. Santosh Hegde, a portion of report was leaked? Why he as a leader should react to the press on the leaked portions? And the biased & stupid media keep harping on a leaked report? Congress party has become a mob of corrupt people, who want to taint everyone who oppose them. Time for Bharathiya to Arise, Awake & hit back, let HRB & Hegde dislodge BSY Govt., which is suppose is POA by the Queen. She & her friends in Congress will find it difficult ever to find their seats in Vidhana Soudha

  17. @Ranga:
    It's not like Santosh Hegde is not attacked by Congress. Hari Prasad of Karnataka Congress pestered Hegde so much that, Hegde remarked at Congress criticism as 'barking dogs'. Digvijay and Moily have also attacked him during his Janlokpal movement.

    How could the report have been leaked? Possibly during printing? It definitely sounds silly and you never know if BJP will use the leak itself as a weapon to rubbish the report.

    Anything is possible.

  18. i 2nd tht,,grt one dude,,its all paid media whw is fooling ppl more thn the govt ..

  19. It was a deliberate leak no doubt about that. If BJP is going to rubbish the report because it was leaked, then its sad.
    Everything is possible in Greedy Bharath.

  20. Nice summary of facts. Your allegation against our secular media and the kind of importance they give to those politicians who are media suave can't be highlighted any better. For all the flop show as Union Minister for Aviation, NCP's Praful Patel was media darling, hogging all that the media adulation he could till he was shunted out of office, thanks to his inability to handle our bleeding National carriers. Waiting for the day when our so called privately run English language National media is strung to the pole and stripped naked.

  21. This an extremely eye-opening post that completely exposes the print and electronic media of India. Hats off the the author/researcher.

  22. i am very happy to say bsyedyurappa is a great person unnesseryly santosh hegde bleming yedyurappa why hegde not mentioning sonia even she is mp of bellary? why the media telecasting against yedyurappa only? it is very wrong i like to say sorry to yedyurappa and thanks to kiran let us share these real message to india where yedyurappa is not culprit this is the media unnessesary harashing bjp in karnataka

  23. Just Brillinat ! Media anchor clowns show height of stupidity and have reduced themselves completely bunch of jokers.

    Thanks and congratulations for this illuminating blog.

  24. What ever my be your argument, BSY has not taken everybody in the party along with him. His operation Kamala is in itself a bad example for a party preaching ethics. Reddy brothers money power forced him to buy peace with them & compromise principles. His sons accompanying him on all crucial meetings & dictating officers to take commands from them has gone against BSY. Scant respect to ordinary party MLAs. Only a handful of loyalists deciding what is good for the state is not going well for BJP.

    BSY is arrogant, hot headed & corrupt in intent that's why he has been targeted. Their is a saying in Kannada 'Thanu kalla pararna namba' Since he is a thief he does not trust others, that's the cause for centralised corruption.

  25. I am finding the frequent interaction of Lokayukta Mr Hegde withthe media even before submitting the report to the Government very unbecoming of the post, Mr Hegde is holding. It is just unfortunate that BJP Karnanata wing is not able to show 'united' feeling to the outer world thereby leading to speculation of different factions. BJP was started off as a party with difference and as an alternate to Congress, however, the leaders in BJP are not able to put national interest above their petty materialistic interest. I am sure and agree with your comments on the achievements of BJP, but I do not see them becoming an alternate to Congress, which is a pity!. I am sure BSY will overcome another hurdle in the five year stint that the party has to complete. It is matter of time that the Centre politics on 2G will catch the neck of Governor who is now dancing to the tunes of all parties and waiting for opportunities to oust BSY...

  26. well-researched! though exaggerated, no wonder yeddyurappa said he deserves a nobel prize!!

  27. Hi Kiran,
    Nice Chronology of Events. Hope the issues mentioned by you gets the Media's attention and helps the people to understand the reality. Other wise these things becomes just like distorted history books what we read in the schools.

  28. Hi Kiran,

    Nice article with good amount of research and with clear statistics. Reg. Lokayukta Justice Santosh Hegde, we, the people, should take his report with a full Bag of salt to digest. Big fishes like SMK, Muniyappa, Basappa Reddy, Dharam Singh have been deliberately left out. From the Interim report, it is amply clear that the ïllegal"mining started by SM Krishna and followed by other Cms. Also, it is S.M.Krishna who sold off all mines owned by state owned MML at a pittance to all private players. (so much for his Patriotism... God only should protect us from such a person who is the Minister of External affairs)

    Where is is this V.Muniyappa now? Also, another dubious character is Mr.Chenningappa, who was the Forest Minister during HDK's rule. One more important thing left out by Kiran is.... 22 leases were recommended by H.D.Kumaraswamy during the last 15 days of his power, after the BJP withdrew its support. But, he is let off by the Lokayukta indicting for some "procedural lapses"in just 2 mine lease approvals. Where is the "Real"Truth? What transpired between December 2008 and now, that Lokayukta has changed so much. Its for people to understand.

  29. Since you have got so much (mis)information against so many politicians, then why don't you knock the door of Supreme court for punishing the guilty?

  30. Good post Krian.

    I'm tempted to tease journalists on BSY beats both in TV & Print media to honestly accept this as a study material and learn how an investigative journalism is carried out.

    Alongside this texted documentary if we have to put all the stories churned out by our national media, they all will look petty and sub-standard journalistic work.

    Be that as it may, your first point puts the entire BSY saga in perspective. You had touched a raw nerve thee. But you have just taken Sonia's election as cut off point. Remember, Indira had also selected Chikamagalur in the 70s as a safe base when threatened in their conventional RaiBareli seat.

    Gandhi surname is all that counts on the ballot paper in a Backward seat like Bellary whose 70% area remained frozen in utter backwardness. For Sushma Swaraj who battled one Gandhi in the 1970s in Chikamagalur and the other two decades later in Bellary, her free flowing Kannada speech and the immense popularity with the populace base did not help her win that five times held Cong seat. {Seven times and yet Bellary remained one of the most backward districts of Karnataka].

    We therefore need to put focus on this single subject. We need to know who funded that 'Andu Indira, Indu Sonia'(Then Indira, Now Sonia) campaign. And also the reason for her keenness in rewarding Lad a RS seat by hard bargaining with Gowda.

    We also need to focus on Sonia's party MP like, Basavarajeshwari, [3 terms] and K C Kondaiah [2terms], both of who presided over a falling vote share, before Sonia flew in the dead of the night to file her nomination paper. I am sure we would get to know more of this by going through the physical archives of regional newspapers and so also by talking to seniors of the area and the old journalists who have covered the G family's keenness in Karnataka.

  31. Hats off. Excellent research work.

  32. Question I ask myself and others , Should media be regulated?

  33. hello all my welwishers the present situation of karnatka political activity is not good signal for particularly yedurrappa supposed to lokayaukta sumbitted reports regarding mines scam just it should be address to karnatka people who trusted and seemed fit for the state as an administrator.that i am going to follow the rules and regulation and constitutional system that if i am a guilty in the eyes of lokayaukta so further i am leaving as a state chief and it is my opinion to giving before u in future what would be result by the court verdict i will absolutely to be followed me ,but yedurappa is lusted with chair it is showing that his is not fit for the mass level of the state personal opinion is that yedurrappa is not fit and good for BJP for future in the state so BJP national leaders have think for future of state as a good and healthy team which will follow every step of the central council decision must be seem as a mandamus of party thanx

  34. A corrupt person can (or should) escape by saying others are also corrupt , that the point made in the whole blog. That is unacceptable

  35. Illegal mining was happening before BSYs Government, but not this rampant. This is because of the iron ore price going up drastically and that it was not done by any business man, this was done my the minister in charge of bellary

  36. Kiran BJP needs blind followers like you... Please go join that party as soon as possible... Am sure ur first post will b as yeddi's PA...

  37. Hi Kiran,

    Thanks a lot for your valuable time for this Blog


  38. For your question "if media has to be regulated" its a def BIG NO from my end. I am against any kind of regulation coz I believe in free market. Today this question has been raised due to the biased reporting of media favoring a certain family,certain party etc.The reason for them being biased is obviously the economic reasons behind it. Thanks to social media the MSM is called ass and are being held accountable. Ex: fake tweet episode is an example which shows that freemarket can regulate itself and we don't need any further regulations from government or independent regulatory body.

    The need of the hour is regulating the finances of the poeple @ top level more vigorously. This would bring in more transparency to the process of news coverage by media companies.Ex: In Tamil nadu in India and in US since all the news channel have their biases towards certain political parties FOX for republicans in US,JAYA TV for Jayalalitha and SUN n/w Karunanidhi it bcomes easy for people to understand the source from which the news and coming and helps them make better decision to believe or not to believe in what they are listening to.

  39. Really Kiran, I earlier, didn't know the facts and after knowing all this, I think BJP too is doing very wrong to BSY. anyways, you are doing the best to awaken the long sleeping Indian public but....I am in doubt whether Indian public will read out all these or not. Everybody should read it and come to know what Congress has done in past and is doing now too. Jaado bhartiyo jaago....

    karo ya maro situation has now come and do whatever your 'ZAMEER' is saying.

  40. Great Information with Numbers. Good job. I am just wondering how hollow the conscience of SM Krishna is after reading this report. Did you see the news where he threatened to SUE Times NOW for publishing that his name was present in Santhosh Hegde's report ? According to these statistics, his name should have been the first one in that report. He definitely has GUTS to ignore his conscience and the amount of corruption he was involved and file a law suit for tarnishing his image :-)
    Well it has been always said that Congress is entirely responsible for where India is today. Corruption was rampant during Nehru and Indira Gandhi's tenures (together they ruled India for 34 years). They are the once who started corruption amongst Govt officials. It's spread like PLAGUE and cannot be eradicated. I agree with that completely.

  41. my view is, the mining has increased now with china huge requirement, so the present people became greedy. Though earlier days license was sanctioned the need was not that. Lastly Yeddy things he is very smart and made a blunder. He went to court and filed against interim report on mining and court gave orders to probe. so he dug his grave. It is not just mining, land mafia to allotting to all his family what not he committed. his anger on things and out burst.

  42. I came to know form a person in bangalore , (ducati showroom owner) , also a mine owner, which he got during Sonia's regime, he had to pay crores to one of the head in congress so that he can save his ***...