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Israel and Palestine Issue – What Indians Should Know

First things first:

I am not a historian. I am not a politician. I am not a peace activist or a war monger. And most importantly, I am not belonging to any of the three religions that have fought over Jerusalem over millenia – namely Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Frankly, I am indifferent to who has Jerusalem at the end, as it is NOT a holy place for me.

That makes it a lot easier and a lot less emotional. Right? Yes, I am a Hindu, a proud and practicing Hindu who is taking a look at Israel and Palestine issue from an Indian view. Don't bracket me into anything beyond this. I respect the rights of Jews to live in Israel. I respect the rights of Muslims to live in Palestine. And in real life, I have worked for long number of years with both Jews and Arab Muslims, so I kind of know the tremendous sensitivity of this topic. If the writeup does not suit your thought or understanding of the problem, then educate me, rather than bracketing me or ridiculing me. Thank you in advance!

Now that there is a lengthy preamble, let's get started. I am presenting here a series of images, taken from some well researched videos and blogs. The references to them provided at the bottom. All credits to the original researchers and documentary makers.

Where did the Israeli Jews come from?

Jews were all around the Mediterranean sea 2000 years ago, when Islam was not born. As with 20th century, they were persecuted during the first century CE too. Romans ruthlessly massacred Jews in large numbers, and if the percentage of population is computed, it may be comparable with Hitler's Nazi genocide. Jews were in today's Israel 1000s of years back. To cut the long story short, during the 20th century when Israel was created, Jews came from Germany, Poland, Russia, Africa and many other parts to their "promised homeland".

Where did the Palestinian Muslims come from?

Contrary to what many people tell us, Palestinian Muslims also came mostly from outside.

The Ottoman Turks brought many from Algeria and Circassia (former USSR) regions, as a part of their Muslim colonization agenda.
Let's cover the Palestinian (Arab) migration later when we see what Jews actually did to a desert land.

In 1875 CE for instance, there was hardly any considerable population living in the entire region of today's Israel. Only 3 lakh people lived, which was a mix of Jews, Muslims and Others.
In fact the British Consulate report from 1859 tell that Muslims did not exceed 25% of total population of Jerusalem. That clearly shows that today's Israel, including the Gaza and West Bank, were hardly Muslim populated as many propaganda tell us today.

Are Jewish feelings for Jerusalem comparable to Hindu feelings for Ayodhya?

There is similarity. For Hindus Ayodhya is a very sacred place, as the birth place of Lord Rama. But for Muslims it is just another city. Nothing is ever mentioned in any of their holy books about Ayodhya. But a conflict does go on.

The same way, for Jews, Jerusalem is a very sacred place. For Jews, it is a the place of King David and the star of David in Israel's flag is derived from him. Jerusalem is mentioned 667 times in the Bible which both Jews and Christians revere. For Muslims too it is a holy place linked to Prophet Mohammed's life history. But compared to Jews, it may not be at the same level looking at the practical aspects. For instance, Quran does not seem to have any mention of Jerusalem (al quds). Corrections welcome if this is not a fact. But the big conflict goes on.

Secondly, Jerusalem has seen its central part demolished and rebuilt many times. The most prominent one being this. 

Here is the supposed before and after scenario of Jerusalem. The temple mount that existed during the time of Jesus is gone. It is now replaced by a Dome of the rock and Al Aqsa mosque. And Jews have a painful history of this place being destroyed not just by Muslims, but Christians and others too during the past 2500 years. For Hindus such destruction of their holy temples, and mosques built over them is all too painfully evident from their long history of seeing Muslim invasions. So you can understand what a Jew must be feeling about this site.
The current situation is that Jews can't pray inside the area. They are restricted to the outer wall. The laws have kept changing, so you can research the legal sites for the latest information. In fact, this is enforced by Israeli government (yes Jews) by giving the area to Muslim Wakf board. Only Muslims have the right to prayer inside. Not even Christians are allowed prayer inside. Just like in Ayodhya (Kashi, Mathura etc. etc.), the common factor is the destruction of an existing holiest of the holy temples of a different religion, and an Islamic structure built over it or nearby. So Hindus truly understand the pain of Jews when it comes to Jerusalem. Muslims want rights on Jerusalem and Ayodhya holy spots, but won't even let non Muslims inside their holy cities like Makkah. And we hear "Israel commits apartheid" for letting Islamic Wakf board manage the holiest of the religious sites of Jews!

But experts spot that in spite of all the noise, just observing the faith of devotees, one can make out who consider it more sacred.

Jews praying:

Muslims praying:

Not only that, Muslims even end up playing football and eat picnic food at this "very sacred" place.
Have you seen Muslims playing football at Makkah or Madina holy sites? For Jews, even walking over the place is painful as they consider this their holiest of the holy sites. And seeing picnic and football must be really painful.
So the documentary maker clearly sums up: 

If Jerusalem's Jewish links are so obvious, why don't Arabs accept it? 

Same reason as Indian Muslims in general don't want to give possession of Ayodhya's Ram Janmabhumi area to Hindus even after courts clearly showing that there was an ancient temple below the mosque.

And those who brave in the Arab world to tell the truth, are often hounded.
Here is an example. In this book, an essay was written by a prominent academician Sari Nusseibeh from Palestine.
All he said was that there Temple Mount is a Jewish holy site.

Within no time, he got threats. He had to go underground. So you can imagine why Arabs don't come out to speak the facts, even if they know it is truth.

What's common between India and Israel?

Israel was not exactly the case of India, as Hindus never left India ever involuntarily for most part. But Jews left Israel, went all around the world, and then came back in the 20th century.

But the common factor in the past 7 decades is losing land.. Losing lots of land proportional to their country's size. And losing land to Muslims, who don't want to live with the majority (2 nation theory)!

Was Hitler the first one to indulge in Jewish genocide?

No. Jews were systematically persecuted and murdered throughout their 1000s of years of history. Romans conquered Jerusalem and the areas around it and called it Judea, the Homeland of Jews.
Later, they renamed it Syria Palestina, with Jerusalem being renamed and rebuilt as Aelia Capitolina. The word Palestina (Greek originally, later Roman) may be a Biblical word, but was a sign of oppression telling Jews that they can't enter the place without facing death. Essentially Romans were the early form of Nazis for Jews. Much more ruthless in their long list of atrocities against Jews, precisely because they feared that Moses' teachings might result in rebellion by poor.

But unlike most people think today, Palestine or Filistine was never an Arab word. It was nothing to do with Islam.

Was there a Palestine “Arab” nation 100 years ago?

Historians disagree. For instance, Arab Historian Philip Hitti says, there is NO such thing as Palestine in history!
The Philistines people that Greek and Romans talked about, were NOT Arabs. They were not Muslims. Also, they lived in a very small portion of today's Israel, around Gaza. And no one knows where they disappeared during the course of history, long long before modern Israel was formed.
It all started with Ottoman Turks' Muslim colonization plan. As expert Arnold Blumberg says, Arab immigration happened during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Arnold's theory clearly is proved by the fact that there were not many people in the 19th century there. The famous Mark Twain noted in 1800s that it was a barren vast desert land, with hardly anyone living.

So how did the ancestors of today's Palestinians come to current day Israel region?

It all started in late 19th century. With persecuted Jews returning to their ancient home land in small numbers. They were very hard working and they had faced extreme oppression in European nations. So just a chance to live was great for them. They started transforming an almost vacant barren desert land into a fruitful, livable place. Look at Negev desert and other regions when they arrived to Israel.

Certainly the land does not look like a "prosperous Arab" land that they stole, as propaganda tells us today.

As Jews started working hard to turn a barren Israel into a livable and grow-able land, news quickly started spreading.

Arab Muslims started coming from all corners. It was a boom in economy and Jews needed labour help predictably. So the first part of 20th century was mostly a Jew - Muslim joint effort to rebuilt a desert region into livable country.

As you can see in Israel today, they turned a desert into relatively lush green country, with developed country standard cities! And now everyone wants that place, by "driving out Jews to the sea"!
In fact, United Nations declared that those who stayed in the Israel/Palestine area for two years before the formation of the new states, were eligible to be claimed as Palestinians! Can you believe? TWO years residency is enough. It obviously tells that there was never a centuries or millenia of residency proof from the Palestinian side, or else such a relaxed rule would never be applied.
It is very important to note again. There was hardly 3,00,000 total population in the entire country of Israel 140 years ago. The region of Israel (Gaza and West Bank included) that we know today has well over a Crore people (Israel 80 lakh, Palestine 40 lakh). This was almost all migration of people, both Jewish and Arab. Comparatively the next door Jordan, in spite of being 4 times bigger in land size than Israel + Palestine, is only 60 lakhs or so. That shows how a desert was reclaimed by hard working people in the past 100 years in Israel. And you will be astonished to learn more on how Jews from India, particularly Maharashtra and Kerala, went to Israel and transformed the country side with revolutionary new farming methods.
Do Muslims recognize the right to exist for Israel?

You might have heard “From the river to the sea... Palestine will be free”. This is Hamas' favourite line being repeated from "liberal" American college campuses to Indian street protests. Indian "seculars"and communists love singing this as you can see off late. It's called Palestinian solidarity movement. But in reality it is a soft call for genocide of Jewish people of Israel. The river here is Jordan river which separates Israel from Jordan. The sea is Mediterranean.
The song essentially means, push all Jews to the sea (drive them out) and "liberate" Palestine. And gullible Hindus in India suck up to this propaganda after seeing bloody and gory images of civilian deaths. But they rarely understand the history behind this, as well as what would happen to them, if the "freedom" happens in West Asia. Radical Islamists are 100% clear in their mind. Today they are talking of Israel. Tomorrow, they would talk of all "Muslim land", which for them does not matter if it was Hindu or Buddhist or Jain or Sikh lands for centuries. Pakistan happened the same way. Bangladesh happened. Jammu and Kashmir Hindu ethnic cleansing happened. It's just spreading. It's very dangerous to support such "solidarity" calls without understanding what the hard core Muslims actually think of Israel's right to exist. Here is a glimpse of "tolerance" towards Jews shown by radical Muslims.

Hamas - Government in Palestine today. As a coincidence, his name as "Zahar" in it!
"driving Jews into sea" is not some dream of "Zionist" propaganda. It's been repeated umpteen times by the very top decision makers for Palestinian people.
And their big financial and military supporters in Iran.
And the TV sermons Palestinians are dished out day in and day out about USA, the closest friend of Israel.
Statement of Muslim Brotherhood from Egypt, which helped shape opinion of today's Palestinian leaders.

The list is very long. From North Africa to Arabian peninsula to central Asia to South Asia to South East Asia, the list of those who just don't want Jews in Israel is endless. And the same guys scream "apartheid", "intolerance", "genocide" etc. at the drop of every topi. See the hypocrisy?

Do Jews recognize the right to exist for Palestine and Arab nations?

Yes. It's the exact opposite of how Muslims behave. Israel has 21% Muslims, mostly Arabs.

For instance, Seif el-Din el-Zubi was the Arab member of Israel's very first Knesset (parliament). 
Arabs live throughout Israel. In some places, constituting over 50%. Just like in India (where 15% Muslim population), Muslims enjoy citizenship rights in Israel (some don't opt for it, but just take passport), representation in democracy, representation in parliament and all kinds of rights. Note again, this is not about Gaza or West Bank (grey in the image below). This is about Israel!
And most importantly, No Jewish leader gives parliament speeches to drive Arabs into sea in Saudi Arabia or Egypt or Jordan. They have problems with terrorism and that's the right of every nation to address when your own survival is questioned. Jews have put restrictions on Arabs as you can expect from any majority whose existence itself is questioned in violent means. But they do not say no right for Jordan or Syria or Egypt to exist.

This is a very big difference. Israel wants to live with Arabs as neighbours. Israel wants to live with Arabs as citizen! But Arabs don't even let Jews live in their countries. Arabs want to push Jews into sea and clear the "occupation", forgetting that Arabs in Palestine are also mostly migrants from other countries!

Did PLO claim Gaza and West Bank in 1964 as a part of “liberation” goal?

PLO, the Palestine Liberation Organization, was in forefront for decades to liberate Palestine from Jewish control. Very interestingly, when PLO formed its charter in 1964 (Article 24), before the 6 day war of Israel with Egypt and other Arab nations, there was NO mention of Judea and Samaria (today's West Bank), and Gaza to be "liberated"! Guess why? Because the Gaza was under Egyptian control and the West Bank was under Jordanian control. So the whole "liberation" of Palestinians from foreign control was not the priority as long as the occupier is a Muslim :)
There's a lot more in this Francisco Gil-White's book, based on which the quoted documentaries here were made.

Has anyone fought for Palestinian rights in Jordan?
(80% area of 1922 Palestine Mandate)

Absolutely not. For Indians, particularly Hindus and Sikhs, this will remind their plight in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, and later in the Kashmir valley within Indian part of Jammu and Kashmir.The claims, the terrorism, the systematic ethnic cleansing of Hindus and Sikhs. It's all too familiar.

And whenever you hear "Azaadi" or freedom in Kashmir, it's usually the small portion of Jammu Kashmir state in Indian control. No one ever talks of the more than 50% of original Jammu and Kashmir that is under Pakistan and China's occupation!

Here is a starting point. This is the map heavily circulated by anti  Israel groups across the world, showing how Israeli Jews have "oppressed" Palestinian Muslims by pushing them to a smaller region. Green in here is supposed to be Palestinian Arab areas.
But the reality is that the 1946 map to start with is completely inaccurate. It's plain propaganda without any factual basis. There was never a state of Palestine in 1946, even remotely looking like what the anti Jew gangs show.

This was the Ottoman Turk empire prior to World war 1. This collapsed after the World War 1. As you can see they had huge tracks of land, including the Muslim holy cities of Makkah and Madina. Yes, Turks controlled the Islamic holy cities, and not Arabs till about 100 years ago. There was a huge battle of Makkah in 1916 when the local Hashemite Sharif of Makkah, rebelled against the Ottoman Turk Muslims, for which he took help from European Christians like British. It was the beginning of the end of the Ottoman Empire and it was the beginning of a Hashemite kingdom whose capital was Makkah. Gradually it expanded northward. This battle left deep scars on the Middle East. Arab states came under strong European influence. Many people in India still don't know that this was a war between Arabs and Turks, both being Muslims, in which the Arabs took help from Christians of Europe.
Today's Israel is just about 20% of the Palestine Mandate of 1922, that the winners of World War 1 formulated (legal document) to be under League of Nation (UN then) control till the countries are stable enough to rule themselves. Even within that 20% marked as Palestine, nearly 20% of the overall land belongs to Muslims today. So Jews are in just around 15% of the 1922 map of greater Palestine or Palestine Mandate! But they are the only "occupiers" per all propaganda, which never talks of Hashemite Jordanian rule on the rest.
Look closely again. This is from a different source. Along with Israel becoming a new nation, Jordan became an independent sovereign state officially known as the Hashemite Kingdom of Transjordan. The key here is to note Hashemite. They are a very tiny minority Arab tribe, from Prophet Mohammed's great grand father's lineage, ruling majority Palestinians in Jordan. By any conservative estimate, more than half of Jordan is Palestinian. But rulers are not Palestinians!
No Muslim is questioning loudly.. "Is Jordan the Hashemite-occupied Palestine?". It's worth reminding again that Jordan is 80% of the Palestine Mandate from 1922, but it does not have any great population at all. It's population is just 35% more than the densely packed West Bank plus Gaza population. If the United Nations gave 80% land of Palestinians (going by Arab argument) to Jordan, why is not letting Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank live in the larger country of Jordan?

Also, why is there no movement to "liberate" Palestine under Hashemite control, which is 4 times the area of Israel? Tough to answer. Right? Now you know why this can be compared with the sparely populated Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, which no one tries to "liberate" from the predominantly Punjabi Muslim rule?

Did Arabs sell land to Jews in 1920-40 period?

This is one other aspect that no one talks about. Jews when they came to Israel from all around the world, they were allowed inside the territory, but did not have much land. They bought land from many locals living there, whoever they might be. And in fact, Arabs sold lot of land at exorbitant prices to Jews then. In the 1937 Peel Commission setup by Britain to probe into the land deals in today's Israel, Haj Amin al-Husseini, one of the founding fathers of Palestinian Arab nationalistic movement, told Laurie Hammond that large amount of land were sold, willingly, by Arabs for money to the Jews. In fact, historians say that his own family collected large amounts of land from smaller owners at throw away price, and sold them to Jews at very high prices. Familiar Land Mafia anyone?
So all those who scream "occupation" by Jews, forget the simple fact that a lot of land owned by Jews today were legally bought by them by paying exorbitant prices. As we have seen earlier they were barren desert land in most cases, so Arab land owners (and others) made lot of profit. Now that the lands have been transformed into fantastic livable pieces, their descendants scream "occupation".

And soon, the same Arabs went to war with Jews. Hypocrisy anyone? First sell the land and the "liberate" the same!

Even some Arabs know that the whole Palestinian identity is a political and tactical weapon against Zionism, and not truly for any "freedom" of Palestinian Arabs. There are so many Arab nations and they hold on to 100s of times the Gaza land if they really want to settle this matter.
As Nathan Weinstock says, the hyper nationalist propaganda of Palestinians now is more of a racket.

What was India's contribution towards liberating Israel from Ottoman Turks?

We should know this really well. Haifa in Israel was liberated from Turks by Indians. Communists who formulated school books totally eliminated India's contribution in World war 1 and 2.

The bravery of soldiers from Karnataka, Telangana and Rajasthan helped liberate Haifa, the port city of Israel from Ottoman Turks' occupation of 400 years. Israel remembers this great help from India in 1918. Indian army celebrates Haifa day.
Teen Murti Bhavan in New Delhi is precisely for one soldier each from Mysore, Hyderabad and Jodhpur.

But we are not taught about this bravery in schools. In fact, this was the LAST time a horse mounted lancer brigade won against machine guns and tanks!

What to do next for Indians, particularly Hindus? 

In summary, India helped create Israel. Indian soldiers (Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims - yes Muslims also) have given up their lives right from Haifa port capture in 1918. India and Israel both are democracies surrounded by hostile neighbours. India and Israel both have the same Islamic radicals as common enemy. The common enemy (in the form of ISIS, Hamas, Hizbollah, Lashkar e Taiba, Indian Mujahideen, Taliban, Al Qaeda et al) is always dreaming to destroy these nations for its well stated goal of occupying their lands. India gains nothing by supporting the radical Islam of Hamas which openly uses terrorism for its survival. Unlike India, Israel crushes terrorism via violent backlash. This is an area tough for many Indians to accept as they are used to sending dossiers to enemies who indulge in terrorism on Indians. India gains everything from technology to business to cultural survival in the long run, by partnering with Israel. Yes, the Israel where mostly Jews live and Palestine where (only) Muslims live. The borders are already drawn. The countries are in place. India must certainly work towards the welfare of Palestinian Muslim civilians who are caught now between the cross fire of Israeli army and Hamas rockets. But do not forget the long history and the RIGHT of existence of Jews in their holy land.

There is a way out of this conflict. But the way out is not by "pushing the Jews to the sea" as Hamas radicals and their sympathisers preach. Hope this long essay has given enough pointers to understand where we have come from, and how Indians should start working towards the Israel Palestine conflict resolution.

Share your thoughts please.


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  2. Thanks for writing this up!.well written&accurate.
    couple of points:
    1.Palestinians under Mohammad Abbas of Fatah have viable govt and he is a reasonable guy,accepts israel,condemns holocaust and condemns current attacks by hamas.So not all palestinians are alike or situation is same.Westbank and Gaza are two different things.Recently they are trying to form single govt,it is not fully functional yet.
    2.Israel inspite of all the provocations has to look forward because you cannot change you're neighbors somehow have to find a way to live with them ,sort of like Modi trying to mend ties with Pak through SAARC.Keep on increasing settlements with hasidic jews may not be prudent.two state solution is the way forward and current govt Netanyahu does not genuinely try to broker piece unlike Shimon Peres previous president of Israel.
    3.Lessons for us to be aggressive like Israel towards terrorist organizations and be friendly like we are today with others sort of carrot&stick approach is way forward not just carrots or stick

    1. You are right Googol Joan. West Bank is different than Gaza. Gaza with all its tunnels and smuggling from Egypt is a nasty place. Hopefully they chose someone less violent to rule next time.

  3. nice article very informative. can any one translate this into kannada?

    1. Thanks. It took hours to write in English. Will try translating, or will ask for help.

  4. Well done, well researched Article indeed

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  6. Thanks to you to explore my knowledge for the history of Israel.

  7. A very nice article indeed. I appreciate the efforts you have put in while writing this post. However, I need to mention some of my observations here, as I am not criticizing Israel, neither I am supporting Israel. This is like a typical response. I hope you ponder over my comments:

    1. The creation of the state Israel post world war 1, was well planned in advance by Winston Churchill by deliberately sinking the passenger ship Lusitania as an excuse to draw USA into the war. Please follow this link to read more ""

    2. The result of the First World war led to Barflour Declaration in 1916 for the creation of Israel. Britisher's didn't even knew about this declaration on first hand. Read this link to beleive it "". This declaration made between the Jewish Powerhouse Rothschild and British Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour secretly to create a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

    3. The pearl harbour incident drew America into 2nd World War, that led to the prominent rise of Israel. Read this link and watch the video ""

    4. As you said, Palestine is a jewish land. None of the Jews in Israel are from Palestine. They are Khazars from the Georgia area. It is all a big lie, the Rothschilds cooked up. It's all the big propaganda of the crooked Rotschilds, read this link to understand who is Rotschild's and how they are lobbying for Jews over entire world. "". I must say something here, Rothschild's are the world's biggest wealthiest family and none of them are on Forbes's list. Read about Nathan Rothschild. And these people are Jews.

    5. The UN Resolution as you said, gave 55% land to Israelites and 45% land to Palestines. This 45% includes the narrow coastal strip of Gaza, half of sea of Galilee, the Judean and Samarian upland and a bit of Negev desert. Follow this link to understand more ""

    6. Israel with full help of the Rothschild fought with Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Iraq, and snatched away 50% of the land given to Palestine, in 6 months flat..
    This snatched away illegally area includes the full of sea of Galilee, the coastal area, NW Jerusalem, LEAVING ONLY WEST BANK AND GAZA STRIP with the original people who have been staying here for millenniums.

    7. 800000 Palestinians had to run for their lives, from the snatched away land.
    250000 settled in West Bank. 240000 settled in Gaza strip, and the rest 310000 ran way as refugees to nearby countries, mainly Lebanon, Jordan and Syria. Read this link for more info: "". This is out and out ethnic cleansing of Palestines. I am not a supporter of Islam here, But, Jewish propaganda is much more than what we have imagined. It all kept buried in history now.
    Continued in 2nd part...

    1. Pradeep T - Thanks.
      4) I never said Palestine is a Jewish land
      5) Arabs never agreed to UN plan, just like how Pakistan never agreed to UN plan on Jammu and Kashmir. Check history.
      6) You probably didn't read the article in detail. No one stayed in today's Israel or Palestine area (West Bank and Gaza) for millenia. Totally incorrect.

    2. I given my conclusive response in the next thread. Thanks.

    3. Pradeep - Thanks for bringing in some glaring omissions in the article, especially the Barflour Declaration, and the post 1948 war ethnic cleansing of the area by Israel.

      Kiran - I read your article with complete patience, and I feel you have mostly handpicked your sources from zionist propaganda. I might be wrong, but I feel that way only because you have little or no criticism of actions of Israel or its zionist founders. I don't support the position of hardline Arabs, neither do I condone the pitifully self-serving actions of neighboring Arab states in this conflict, but I am equally, or perhaps even more, critical of Israel and its western allies for its war crimes over last 6 decades, not to mention planting the seeds of this conflict to begin with.

      Lastly, I don't agree with your parallels between India and Israel, and I will be cautious to recommend the lessons which you noted, India can take from it. Israel has a deeply extremist society in itself. As much as I want India to take a hardline stance against terrorism, I would never want ours to turn into a new-con right-wing religious extremist society like the one in Israel.

    4. Pradeep,
      1. Your post on sinking of Lusitania is a big leap of faith based on conspiracy theories. The only source it cites is that of Christopher Hitchens book. I am not sure if I would regard as the ultimate bearer of truth.
      2. Why do you feel Balfour declaration was a secret? It was revealed to general public within a week, which was the norm in those times. Due to persecution of Jews in various countries, British realized their genuine need for a place of their own. British negotiated the rights of no Jewish people with Jews as well as part of Palestine with Ottoman emperor. Why do you see that as a conspiracy?

      3. It is a broadbased comment without any specifics.

      4.Really? None of the Jews of Israel are original inhabitants? Even Ahmedinejad will deny that. Some are descendents of original inhabitants and other might well be Khazars. But Khazars converted to Jadaism, about a 1000 years ago. They identify themselves as Jewish people and were probably equally persecuted elsewhere. Israel is their holy land.

      5. Of the land given to Jews, 45% of it's inhabitants were Arab. Of the land given to Palestine, 1% of it's inhabitants were Jews. That means, Arabs could choose between the 2 states, but not Jews. You can refer to wikipedia and the quoted resources.

      7. 800K people? That would amount to almost 75% of people and that too when they were given nearly half the land and also a right to
      live in the Jewish state?
      6. So if they were staying there for a Milennia, does that deny the right of original inhabitants to "co-exist". I emphasize the word coexist.

    5. Scientific evidence that much of the Palestinians DNA came from the Khazars

  8. Continued from previous comment....

    8. Another 6 day war in 1967, Israel occupied West bank and Gaza strip, further driving away majority of the Palestinians to nearby Arab countries. This is famously called as "SIX DAY WAR" as it was fought for only 6 days. Link: ""

    9. 4 million Palestinians are now scattered all round the world. Of this 1 million live in refugee camps of Gaza and West bank, and along the borders of Lebanon Jordan and Syria. Others live outside the camps without any citizenship. Who gives them a proper citizenship now ??

    10. Since the Oslo accords of 1993, Israel has been encouraging settlement of Jews in occupied territories, and so 50% of land has hard core and rabidly Jewish settlers, who are supported by Israeli army fire power. --all with the blessings of USA. "". Netanyahu did not like the Oslo Accords, and he put no effort into following up on their terms.

    11. Please see the videos below, some of the US persons exposing Israel. The famous jewish holocaust that they were talking is not even closer to what they say.

    Zionist Propaganda:

    False Jewish Holocaust:

    Truth about Jews:

    The Holocaust:

    Jimmy Carter tells truth about Israel:

    Finally, The Jew Rothschild's:

    12. Who doesn't knows the famous STUXNET cyber virus attack over Iran nuclear program by Israel and secretly sponsored by USA. This cyber attack entirely decimated the IRAN nuclear program. It affected even India. Nobody opens their mouth on this, right ??. Link:

    If you beleive in Wikipedia, then read this link:

    13. If you are interested to read about "UNIT 131" please read and come to a conclusion. These were the planned and failed terrorists attacks of Israel over west and some middle eastern countries.

    14: Who doesn't knows the Israel lobbying USA under the act AIPAC. Israel's deep influence on the U.S. mainstream media through AIPAC the slanted coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian crisis by the unethical mainstream media. America's Pro Israel Lobby: How convenient ??.

    I guess I covered most of my researched topics as well.!! :).

    I am not saying India shouldn't support Israel. Rather India should remain neutral. The Jewish conspiracy propaganda is much more than we imagine. By the blessings of Rothschild's, they are able to conspire anything against any country. One last point, if you can, read about Jewish-Russian mafia. Terrorists threats are true, I agree it. But, before we point at someone, we must also make sure, is Israel is right in everything ??

    I am not a Pro-Palestine person or anything. I am just a normal Indian, who has a different view on these issue. Let me know your response.


    1. wle research pradeep,,,even iwas nt aware of it

    2. Pradeep -
      8) Regarding 6 day war, just go back in this same blog site for an extensive article. I have written an elaborate one a couple of years ago.
      9) Did you even read the post first? Read about Jordan which is 80% of Palestine Mandate that should have accommodated most of Muslims anyway.
      10) The word "occupied territories" - I see where this "neutral" info is coming from :)

      Rest of your lengthy comments are full of conspiracy or diversion items. Maybe I will read them later. Thanks.

    3. Yes.. you might be right in your comments. I have read the complete article by the way.!! :)

      I never said what I posted is accurate and 100% correct. It is my findings regarding Israel and Jews. I am more worried for India and Indians role between Israel and Palestine. It shouldn't happen like we say in Kannada Gaade "Ibbara Jagala, Moorne avrige Laabha" :D

      Diversions, Conspiracy theories all exists in every country. My only concern is India shouldn't get its hand dirty in the name of co-operation. We shouldn't forget that, India is not getting enough support in Internation forum on Islamic extremism in Kashmir (Oh yes, I have read your book on Jammu and Kashmir) and Bangladeshi's Illegal entry to India, Illegal arms dealing in Nepal, Attack on Assames by Bangladeshi's, etc... Are we getting enough support from Israel or any western countries.??

      I rest my case here. And, thanks for a healthy debate. I appreciate for your reply and I am surprised I didn't get abused by other commenters.!! :)

    4. Indeep very good observation Pradeep. Appreciate ur effort in bringing the facts n clarifying my views that were built after reading Kiran's blog. Above anything humanity is the biggest concern n supporting war crime Israel is a biggest crime. Dear Kiran after reading Pradeeps comments I have done a detail research on this subject. Based on that - what I see in ur blog is just the half true facts presented in a cunning way full of venom. Bcoz of people like u we Indians are facing communal violence. If u cannot work for unity n brotherhood of our country atleast dont try to break it. May god bless u n show u thr right path. Jai Hind

    5. Swathi - What "cunning way full of venom" you are talking about?
      Be specific.

    6. Pradeep,
      Nice to know that you have read my short book on Jammu and Kashmir.

      Regarding your latest points - India has to take a stand. This is Asia. And India is a leader in Asia (at least on paper). India for 45 years, did not even start relationship with Israel. I am not saying support all bombs Israel drops. But if you compare a democratic government of Israel and a terror regime hiding as a government called Hamas, the choice for India is pretty easy. That does not mean India should leave out solidarity with Palestinian Arabs. What everyone is missing is the difference between a Palestinian civilian and a ruthless terror regime governing them in the form of Hamas. It's very similar to what Tamil Hindus/Christians faced in Sri Lanka when LTTE was their de-facto "government" after it wiped off all moderate opposition. I hope you see the parallel.

    7. Swathi, Your rhetorical post is missing facts. Please refrain from making such broadbased comments. If you have an issue with a point, please make your counter argument on that fact.

  9. Your presentation of facts is appreciated. Kindly refer to my post on religion however small at

  10. Arun - Tell me one place outside India, where Jews were there, but systematically not killed.

  11. Part 1
    I must say it is a nice article you have written but I would like to go ahead a bit more and make some corrections on this article. I hope such a discussion will let us analyze and understood where things went wrong and thereby allow us as Indians to support the most justified nation. In my reply, I will counter on some aspects of your article point by point
    1. Your first part discusses widely on where the Israeli Jews came from and where the Palestinian Muslims come from. Towards the end of the first part you also discuss the existence of Palestine in History.
    For this, I would like to start from the history to explain in detail as to where both the communities came from.
    Early History
    The Canaanites are the earliest known inhabitants of the region and were thought to have lived in the region in the third millennium BC. A part of this region was also ruled by Pharaonic Egypt. It was at this time that Moses (Prophet Musa, Alayhi-Salam – A Messenger of Islam) lead the Israelites, a confederation of Hebrew tribes, out of Egypt by crossing the River Nile to a place near Jerusalem. The Israelites then defeated the Canaanites and later on the superior military of the Philistines (an Aegean people of Indo-European stock) in around 995 BC. At that time David (Prophet Dawood, Alayhi-Salam – A Messenger of Islam) Israel's king, united the three groups (Canaanites, Philistines, and Israelites) and they assimilated with each other over the years. The unity of Israelite tribes enabled David (Prophet Dawood, Alayhi-Salam – A Messenger of Islam) to establish a large Independent State of Israel, with its capital as Jerusalem. After the death of David (Prophet Dawood, Alayhi-Salam – A Messenger of Islam) in around 961 BC, Solomon (Prophet Suleiman, Alayhi-Salam – A Messenger of Islam) his son, became the new king of Israel.
    Continued in Part 2

    1. Mirash - Will go through all your comments when I get time. That's quite a bit of info. Thanks for taking time to educate me.

  12. Part 2
    Construction and Destruction of the First Temple
    King Solomon, built a magnificent place of worship, the First Temple, which housed the Ark of the Covenant, a sacred chest holding the tablets inscribed with the Ten Commandments. Soon after his death, the kingdom was divided into two parts: Northern Israel and Southern Judah. During this period in 721 BC, Pagan Assyrians overran Israel and destroyed the First Temple. In 538 BC Persian emperor Cyrus defeated the then ruling Babylonians and Israelis were allowed to return to Jerusalem.
    Construction and Destruction of the Second Temple and Formation of Palestine
    In 515 BC the Israelis built the Second Temple at the same site of the First Temple.
    In the year 332 BC, Alexander conquered Israel and three centuries later, the Romans entered Jerusalem. In 70 CE, Titus of Rome laid siege to Jerusalem. Seeking a complete and enduring victory, Titus ordered the total destruction of the city. A new city named Aelia was built on the ruins of Jerusalem, and a temple dedicated to Jupiter was raised. It was during this time that the Roman government struck a coin with the phrase “Judea Capta,” meaning Judea (A term used initially by Rome referring to the Kingdom of Israel) has been captured.
    In 135 CE, the Romans crushed the second Israeli revolt against Rome and this was the time that Emperor Hadrian applied the term Palestine to the Kingdom of Israel.
    Continued in Part 3

  13. Part 3
    Hence to summarize the above, I do agree with you that “The Philistines people that Greek and Romans talked about, were NOT Arabs.” The Philistines people that the Greek and Romans talked about were actually the then enemies of Israel and which was ultimately defeated by King David. But it must also be mentioned that I do not agree with your first part of that same section which says “there is NO such thing as Palestine in history!” purely because the Kingdom of Israel was renamed as Palestine by the Romans and from that period onwards the land was designated with the name Palestine. Moreover Genetic analysis suggests that a majority of the Muslims of Palestine, inclusive of Arab citizens of Israel, are descendants of Christians, Jews and other earlier inhabitants of the southern Levant whose core may reach back to prehistoric times. A study of high-resolution haplotypes demonstrated that a substantial portion of Y chromosomes of Israeli Jews (70%) and of Palestinian Muslim Arabs (82%) belonged to the same chromosome pool. Though Palestinian Jews made up part of the population of Palestine prior to the creation of the State of Israel, few identify as "Palestinian" today. Acculturation, independent from conversion to Islam, resulted in Palestinians being linguistically and culturally Arab. The vernacular of Palestinians, irrespective of religion, is the Palestinian dialect of Arabic. Many Arab citizens of Israel including Palestinians are bilingual and fluent in Hebrew.

  14. 2. Your second part discusses widely on matters related to Jerusalem and Prayer restrictions.
    For this, I will explain on each point separately.
    a) You have mentioned that In the Year 638 CE, the Muslims captured Jerusalem from the Byzantines and built Mosque on the site of the Jewish Holy Temple. It is also mentioned that “And Jews have a painful history of this place being destroyed not just by Muslims, but Christians and others too during the past 2500 years.”
    As pointed in the explanation of the first Point, It was the Pagan Assyrians in 721 BC and the Romans in 70 CE who destroyed the Temple and not the Muslims. The Romans who ruled Jerusalem up to 638 CE were very harsh. They not only barred Jews from entering Jerusalem, but also persecuted Christians who did not follow the same sect as them. When the Muslims marched into Palestine in 638 CE and after a brief siege they surrendered with terms to be negotiated directly with the Khalifa Umar, Radi-Allahu Anhu, in person. Khalifa Umar, Radi-Allahu Anhu, agreed to come and entered Jerusalem on foot. There was no bloodshed or massacres. Those who wanted to leave were allowed to leave, with all their goods. Those who wanted to stay were guaranteed protection for their lives, property and places of worship.
    The conquest of Palestine by the Muslims put an end to centuries of instability, religious persecution, and colonial rule. After the advent of Islam, people enjoyed security, safety and peace. Schools, mosques and hospitals were founded. Palestine was a center of learning from which a large number of scholars graduated. The conquest of Palestine by the Muslims began the 1300 years of Muslim rule, with the exception of the period of the Crusades (1099-1187).
    The Christian occupation of Palestine began after the sermon which pope Urban the second delivered in 1095 CE, when he incited the Christians to rescue the Holy Sepulcher from the hands of the Muslims. The Holy Land fell after a month of siege. The Crusades entered it in 1099 CE and massacred its residents not sparing the infants or elderly, and the number killed went over seventy thousand. Then the Crusaders established a Latin kingdom. During the occupation, massacres and great injustices were committed against the Muslim, Jewish and native Christian residents of the area.
    Finally, in 1187 CE, Palestine was liberated by the Muslims under the leadership of Salatuddin Ayyubi, who brought back Islamic law to the area. Peace and justice once again ruled Palestine, and everyone, regardless of their religion, was allowed to live there peacefully.
    Continued in Part 1

  15. b) You have mentioned that “The current situation is that Jews can't pray inside the area. They are restricted to the outer wall. The laws have kept changing, so you can research the legal sites for the latest information. In fact, this is enforced by Israeli government (yes Jews) by giving the area to Muslim Wakf board. Only Muslims have the right to prayer inside. Not even Christians are allowed prayer inside.”

    Orthodox rabbis regard entry to the compound to be a violation of Jewish law. This is based on the belief that since the time the Temple was destroyed during the siege of Jerusalem in 70 CE, the precise location of the Holy of Holies, the sanctuary entered only by the High Priest, is not known. Hence a restriction applies to the entire compound. However, some rabbis believe that modern archaeological and other evidence has enabled them to identify areas that can be safely entered without violating Jewish law; but even those opinions forbid Jews from entering the Dome of the Rock.
    An announcement at the entrance of the temple mount states in English and Hebrew that "As per Torah, It is forbidden for any person to enter the area of the Temple Mount due to it's sacredness
    Continued in Part 2

  16. Part 2
    c) You have mentioned that “Jew pray facing Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.” while “Muslims pray point their behind to the Temple Mount and the Dome of the Rock”
    In the initial stages, the Prayers prescribed by Allah was indeed in the direction of Jerusalem. However, by Allah’s will it was changed towards Kabha in Masjidul Haram. That is the reason why during prayers the behind is pointed towards the Temple Mount and the Dome of the Rock.

    d) You have mentioned that “Muslims even end up playing football and eat picnic food at this "very sacred" place.”
    As far as I know, The Dome of the Rock and nearby areas are heavily guarded by Israeli Forces and hence no such activities is possible. However as I understand, there is a courtyard inside the compound and Children does play football there. This courtyard is near to Masjidul Aqsa which is at the southern end of the compound and from there the Dome of Rock can be seen. Hence it has to be seen as to from where this picture is taken.

  17. 3. Your third part discusses “Has anyone fought for Palestinian rights in Jordan?”
    Jordan is home for approximately 3.5 Palestinians and is more than half the population of Jordan Citizens. Other than Jordan, Palestinians live in Syria and other neighboring countries. Hence, I wouldn’t say that it is a tough question to answer because the homeless Palestinians are being given a place to live by the Neighboring Muslim Countries.
    What happened after the defeat of Ottoman Empire and How the Jews from Outer Palestine migrated?
    After the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in the First World War, Britain and France signed the Sykes-Picot Agreement, which divided the Arab region into zones of influence. Palestine submitted to the British occupation and at the same time the ratios of Jewish migration began to increase with support from the non-Muslim countries.
    Continued in Part 1

  18. Part 1
    Balfour Declaration
    In 1917 CE the British government made promises to Arab leaders for an independent Arab state that would include Palestine (the Hussain-McMahon correspondence). Simultaneously, and secretly, it issued the Balfour Declaration, which declared Palestine to be a homeland for Jews. At that time Jews made up approximately 8% of the population of Palestine and owned approximately 2.5% of the land.Hundreds of thousands of Muslims were forced out of Palestine by the Jewish terrorist groups such as the Irgun, Levi, and Haganot. In 1918 the British and their Arab nationalist allies defeated the Ottomans. The British dismembered the Ottoman Empire and occupied Palestine. The British immediately began a campaign of immigrating European Jews to Palestine. By 1947, the number of Jews in Palestine had reached approximately six hundred and fifty thousand (31% of the total population). They began to establish organizations, which were trained in organized terrorism. From these a large number were trained in and participated in the Second World War in order to gain experience and skills to go to battle in Palestine in the next stage. So when the United Nations decreed the division of Palestine, the Jews had seventy five thousand armed and trained members.
    Jewish Terrorism
    In 1948 the Jews claimed the establishment of a state for them over the land of Palestine and called it Israel. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims were forced out of Palestine under the military pressure of Jewish terrorist groups such as the Irgun, Levi, and Haganot, which were financed and armed by the British army as well as US Jewry. In 1967 Israel attacked Egypt, Jordan and Syria and occupied more land including for the first time Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa. Since that time Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa has been the target of several attempts by the Jews to destroy or burn it, including attempts to collapse it through underground excavations. In December 1987, the Palestinians began an uprising (Intifada) in the West Bank and Gaza Strip against the continued Jewish occupation. On September 28, 2000, Ariel Sharon broke into Masjid Al-Aqsa with 3000 Zionist soldiers profaning the Masjid Al-Aqsa to provoke the Palestinians. Palestinians protested and the second intifada began. Since then thousands of Palestinian civilians have been killed by the Israeli army, and there is no end in sight.
    Continued in Part 2

  19. Outstanding article...thanks for the eye opener.


  21. I don't think kiran was trying to fool anyone.. the tone and essence of the article though favoring the Israelis, was written from an Indians perspective when compared to issues here..

    I agree that we need not make this a muslim vs others issues.. Fact is Israel will always be aggressive for they are fighting for survival, in view of their history where other races sought to eliminate them; Fact is innocent people from both sides are suffering; Fact is Hamas does use their innocent civilians as a front to garner sympathy and gather public opinion and outrage against Israel.

    There is no such thing as a fair war.. Hamas knows that Israel will counter attack and in the process innocent people will lose lives… yet they go about terrorising hoping for such an attack which will perhaps garner them world support and cause outrage..

    A terrorist is not a muslim.. I don't think the Prophet defined a terrorist.. These people are spineless eunuchs who out of violent ego cause trouble.. Every person has their right to fight for their country and society.. But not person has the right to be a terrorist. fight openly and die honourably. Atleast Israel is doing that. Palestinians or Pakistanis will have to relook their mode of approach.. The world may pity them now and then, but will never favour them, because almost every country in the world has geared the brunt of the jihadi terrorist.

  22. This is excellent! I was word searching for racial Arabist rooted, self defined Shia/Shiites! Shiites' self defined distinction from Sunnis is in Shiites' claims of their "Pope" bench's Arab Prophet, patrilineal roots! That racial Arabism is the real substance of distinctions from Sunnis! Therefore Iran is an extreme apartheid minority regime! Iran is ruled by a minority regime of Arabist patrilineal rooted Arabist empire invading colonial occupation! This is the Shiite-Arabist apartheid, racist imperial occupation of Persia! All the world mistakes Iran, as Islamist, over Farsi, Persian, Indo-European vast majority of Iran! But the Koran prohibits racism, compulsion in religion & militant actions against peace-able neighbors! The Koran REQUIRES THE NATION OF ISRAEL TO TAKE A FIRM STAND, IN HANDLING THEIR HOLY LAND HOME COUNTRY, ASSIGNED BY ALLAH TO ISRAEL! Thanks for your excellent works man ship! I will be following your as much as I can! Namaste, Namaskar, farewell Neighbor!

  23. I can offer you nothing except my personal interpreting of Arabist empire, colonialist occupation over JudaeanHebrew,Zion,Israel by PalestineArab identity! The Philistines as you pointed out, were down in Gaza environs! Like ypu my studies indicate PhilistineGreeks, were assimilated to the JudaeanHebrew nation of Israel! But also like you, I am interested by the Mark Twain Innocents Abroad, notes on the Holy land! But For the sake of peace-full mutual respect, I concede the existence of PalestineArabs! But the term Palestinian, is a redundant, corrupted accident, turned into a political corrupted term of fast change artistry! Palestine is Latinized Philistine! We would never say Philistinian! Philistia, was the very rarely used actual term for the Philistine country of Gaza environs! Biblical JudaeanHebrew Scriptures, called the Old Testament, in the Christian Bible mentioned Philistia a few times! The original Palestine Arab term, was used to identify the totality of 1920s-1950s literature on Arab Palestine rivalry with Palestine Jews! So all discourses between Arab Palestine organizations, with the British, were identified as Palestine Arabs with the Brits! Jews were called Palestine Jews! The Jerusalem Post was the Palestine post, not the Palestinian post! Palestine Arabs were not Palestinian Arabs or Palestinians, at all! Arab Palestine people, were called Palestine Arabs, not Palestinian Arabs any more than Philistine Arabs would be called Philistinian Arabs! Certainly Palestinian consumes more keyboard spaces than Palestine! So Palestine Arab can be written in the new computer email ,one word formation, PalestineArab! That is only two spaces more than Palestinian ,but is two less than PalestinianArab! PalestineArab includes ArabPalestine cultures as one mix of Arabist empire colonial settlers occupying JudaeanHebrew Zion,Israel! But Palestinian, obscures the ArabPalestine mix of Arabist empire colonial occupation of JudaeanHebrew,Zion,Israel! But PalestineArab, is inclusive of both the Arab Palestine constituents' lineages! PaelstineArab identifies the Arab Palestine people's branch of the greater Arab empire invasion! The Arab League rules over more square miles, than all Canada, by at least 40%! The Arab League proper, without the Islamic Cooperation States Organization(OICS), is 50% larger than the totality of the USA including Alaska! The only country greater than the square miles of the Arab League, with out the Islamic conference states(OICS), is the RUSSIAN FEDERATION EMPIRE! All countries, aside from the Russian empire, are outstripped by the Arab League & way out stripped by the OICS, Organization of Islamic Conference(cooperation) States! So little tiny Palestinians ,is a term of fast change artistry! Palestinian,is an obscuring of the PalestineArab identity! thank you for you social hospitality Mr.Kiran!

  24. Nice article, could you please explain how exactly India helped to create Israel