Saturday, January 1, 2011

Some Charity Options in India For Those Wishing To Contribute

On the very first day of a new year 2011, let me take a few minutes to list some impressive charities that I was evaluating over the past one week. There are millions of NGOs in India helping the needy, but let me do my small bit of service by listing some really good ones. I had the privilege to visit or talk a few of these and was quite impressed.

Use the comments to add more if you personally know any or have researched into the effectiveness so that you are referring to other friends online.

1) - They have very impressive education, medical & environment options. Met in person. In fact things are moving ahead into donation mode too.

2) - Very motivating founder. Referred by a Twitter friend & loved their options.

3) - My family involved with this for years. Genuine care for the destitute children & elders.

4) - My mother donated earlier. They do fabulous service to poor rural kids.

5) - Referred by a Twitter friend. Amazing social service for cancer patients. Recommended!

6) - Nothing beats gift of a vision to the poor & needy. Donated to them earlier.

7) - Recommended by GiveIndia after careful scrutiny. Impressed with their service to poor urban kids.

8) - Spoke with the key woman & very impressed. Fabulous job for kids.

9) - Highly recommended by an online friend. Noble work for the severely downtrodden!

10) - Recommended by GiveIndia after scrutiny. Family atmosphere for needy kids.

11) - Recommended by GiveIndia after scrutiny. Wonderful service to kids 'in transit' during adoptions.

12) - Excellent all round service to rural kids, in genuine way.

13) - Unbelievable reach & dedication for education.

The next three were suggested by friends of social network.

14) Consider giving to SchoolChoice Rs 4000 pays for a year's school fees. Even small amounts count.

15) Grain School Charity Options:

16) Social Investments Micro credit Charity Options. More than charity, this is more of a viable business model.

 I will keep this list updated with new suggestions as and when I come across them. Feel free to leave comments indicating your first hand experience.

Happy Giving!!
- K


  1. It would be great if all these organizations can set up credit-card and paypal options (One or two like Ekal Vidyalaya do but most dont). This will enable donors from outside of India to support the fantastic work done by them.