Monday, December 27, 2010

Support for a Terror Courier Service Binayak Sen... Mind Boggling!

Let me admit. I only had a passing glance at Binayak Sen news items prior to December 2010. Just another Doctor, popular among Human Rights activists & to give him credit, earned a lot of good will among the academics & left leaning journalists. Fair enough.. Everyone is entitled to have their darlings based on ideological preference.

But the day before Christmas 2010, changed my perception. A Chhattisgarh court gave him life sentence. If it was just another life sentence, I wouldn't have written this blog for sure. But in this case, the massive support from JNU theme academicians, NDTV/CNN-IBN kind of media houses and  scores of left-liberal leaning twitterrati made me explore a bit more on who this Dr.Binayak Sen was really.. When that group of 'usual suspects' are so loud, my mind started telling.. 'daal mein kuch kaala hain' (something fishy).

Let me give a summary of my thoughts on this Dr.Binayak Sen & the judgment in a few targeted, precise points. Feel free to answer some open questions in them, if you are a Binayak supporter or feel free to send them to your favorite Binayak supporting celebrity.

  1. Binayak Sen, convicted terrorist supporter per court, was supported by not 1, but NINE JNU staff in 2008. Since JNU is a reputed institute in India, how badly will this reflect on the curriculum they set & the material they teach to future Indian think tank? For me so much support for a man convicted of terrorist interaction from a tax-payer supported institute sounds outrageous.
  2. John Dayal signed for Binayak Sen too in the above mentioned petition. Mr.Dayal is also in Manmohan Singh & Sonia Gandhi's National "Integration" Council! Does that imply that India is being 'integrated' extensively with maoist terrorist ideology?
  3. Kavita Krishnan of CPI-ML signed for Binayak Sen above. Note that she also supported Kashmir valley stone pelters ! Hmn.. now Maoist violence supported by Evangelical funds extends into territory of Jihad mongers supported by Pakistan & Saudi Arabia? Getting interesting.
  4. In 2007, journalist Praful Bidwai supports terror supporter Binayak Sen. In 2008, the same Bidwai lashes at 'Saffron Terror' . It's getting more clear to me now as to who are the key journalists shouting at the top of their voice on the so-called 'saffron terror', while openly being featured as heroes of naxal supporters.
  5. I thought courts in India are insulated from political ideology of the states they are in. Wait.. Did I see NAPM having a problem with courts in BJP ruled states? Now it's occurring to me clearly that the blind supporters of Binayak have a very clear agenda to malign Indian democracy & the most important pillar.. judiciary! 
  6. After Binayak Sen's judgment, some of the well known media guys tweeted & commented like this: 1) "Corrupt go free, a doctor gets convicted" 2) "Shocking!" 3) 'Goons ruling Chhattisgarh' 4) 'powerful get away'. I am like.. are these guys getting sucked into pro-Binayak propaganda or worse.. a part of it themselves?
  7. This Trial by media got me to thinking.. By contrasting Trial by Media, Narendra Modi is guilty until proven innocent by a court (or even after that), but 'Doctor' Binayak Sen is innocent even after a court jails him? Guys.. you are really getting better :) Ayodhya verdict criticism of 2010 was the beginning, but this open contempt of court by media after Binayak verdict reached nauseating levels.
  8. Then my mind started remembering 16 recent years' examples of atrocities on Hindus in India. Wait a minute.. those making lots of noise about 'human rights' of Binayak Sen (indirectly the maoists he helped with courier) have ever spoken for the rights of these people? Deganga riots, murder of anti Christian conversion swami, Lakshmanananda, Godhra Train burning in Gujarat on 27th Feb 2002, 7 March 2006 bombing of Hindu holy city Varanasi, Two separate terrorist attacks on Raghunath Temple in Jammu & Kashmir, 3 August 1998 massacre of Hindus in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh, Akshardham Temple siege & massacre in Gujarat on Sep 25th 2002, Massacre of Hindus in Marad, Kerala in 2003, Church backed ultras of NE India banning Durga & Saraswati Puja and indulging in violence, Kashmir Pundits population reduced from 15% in 1947 to 0.1% today, Bareilly riots of March 2010, Miraj anti Hindu Riots recently, Hanuman Jayanti being targeted in old city Hyderabad in March 2010, "Objection" to Ram Navami being the excuse for April 2006 Aligarh anti Hindu riots, Riot in Ahmedabad’s Shahpur where Hindus are minority in May 2010 and Hindus killed in Shimoga & Hassan in Karnataka, Mar 2010 over a newspaper article! Probably not.. How 'secular' of them!
  9. Remember: Since 1989, 5961 civilians & 2086 security personnel have been murdered by maoist terrorists as per Wiki. This Dr. Binayak Sen acted as courier for these terrorists & still being hailed as a 'victim'? 
  10. Then I asked a few Binayak supporters.. If Binayak Sen was such a nice human rights activist & doctor serving tribals, why did he meet a terrorist Narayan Sanyal 33 times in 1 month? No answers..
  11. Then I asked, there are scores of Sewa Bharati (yeah.. that dreaded RSS affiliation) doctors working in tribal areas of Chhattisgarh.How come they don't meet maoist terrorists like Binayak Sen? No answers.
  12. Searched for a genuine timeline of how Binayak Sen trial was conducted. Since I found more than 90% of material on internet littered with pro-Binayak half-fact propaganda, it took time to get to a genuine one. Nothing looks suspicious or even remotely resembling the kangaroo court Binayak's buddy maoists conduct. Also, the honourable Supreme Court was closely monitoring. So why all the hulla-ballo?
  13. Then researched a bit of facts about Binayak Sen case : I couldn't understand.. Why would a human rights activist, Binayak Sen meet a terrorist Narayan Sanyal in prison, 33 times between May 26 & Jun 30, 2007? Again, asked a few, but no Binayak supporter had guts to even touch this topic. Things were unraveling by now as to how much propaganda is involved.
  14. Then some friends suggested, that just because he is a Doctor, things can't be treated differently. After all Jack the Ripper, Ayman Al Zawahiri of Al Qaeda were Doctors too. 
  15. Then compared a few 'Hindu Terrorist' cases: Col. Purohit was a "communal" terror aide unlike this Binayak Sen who happens to be a "secular" terror aide. The former hasn't been convicted, but proclaimed 'guilty' in trial by media. The latter is convicted but being projected as 'innocent'! Expanding the logic, Sadhvi Pragya is a 'Hindu terrorist' for just selling a scooter, but Binayak Sen isn't a 'Christian terrorist' even after Sanyal couriers? Getting more interesting.. :)
  16. Then I focused on Binayak's most vocal supporter, the Amnesty International. Yes, the name sounds noble & hopefully their deeds. So I went ahead to scan a few of their petitions from the year 2010, specific to India: . Guess what? Not ONE petition against Deganga riot victims! Were they requested? Of course yes. here. A few months earlier, just like Binayak, the 3 raped girls were also Bengalis whose human rights were snatched brutally right this year. Aha.. so Hindu riot victims pretty much don't deserve 'human rights' per this Amnesty.
  17. Ok.. leave Deganga for a minute from September. Maybe too 'new' for Amnesty to file a petition in 4 months. How about Jammu & Kashmir's massive anti-Hindu violence for the past 20 years? Have they been supportive of the victims of the worst anti-Hindu terror campaign launched in India? Some Kashmir Pundit websites helped me get more insight about the visible Jihad collaboration of Amnesty. How about outside India? More got out when I read about Amnesty unfairly firing Gita Sahgal who exposed their links to the dreaded's getting a lot worse than I thought..
  18. Then what about their views on a Pakistani terrorist Kasab, who moved down 100+ Indians in Mumbai? Same stuff.. We don't want him to be hanged!
  19. Then a bit more about Binayak's buddy Narayan Sanyal. This dreaded terrorist had masterminded the attack on one of India's best CMs ever, Chandrababu Naidu in 2003.He masterminded an attack on a jail that resulted in scores of death in Jehanabad. Worse.. "Tribal Doctor" Binayak Sen's buddy Sanyal personally oversaw the beheading of 20 villagers in Talimendrion, Dantewada in 2001, for supporting pulse polio drive for their kids! Remember, Maoists had opposed government polio eradication drive. How ethical of this Doctor to support a guy who was instrumental in banning medical service to kids of the jungle?
  20. Then I watched Binayak's wife's interview on NDTV. She does NOT deny that her husband met 300 human killer Sanyal 33 times. So more weight on that key terror link aspect.
  21. Weren't many of those supporting Binayak loudly screaming "Hindu Terror" earlier? When explained.. "guys..folks like RSS does social work", they used to respond "So does Lashkar". Now all of a sudden, "How could they jail Binayak Sen, the social worker?" ROFL :)
  22.  Earlier when pointed out that Pravin Tagodia, irrespective of his nuances, is a Doctor, that too a cancer surgeon, the same mombatti (candle) brigade, used to dismiss.."So what? He's a fascist!". Now the same brigade is shouting.. "Shocking that they could jail a DOCTOR Binayak Sen!" :)
  23. Then Kanchan Gupta exposed more about this 'human rights' activist. Dr. Binayak Sen had arranged for rental home, bank accounts & much more to a terrorist who killed 300+ Indians!
  24. And Binayak's trial was conducted in an open court under laws that are equally applicable to all citizens of India. Sounds pretty fair to me.
To conclude, for now, Binayak's judgment followup has been a real eye opener. The amount of depth left-'liberal' views have in journalism, media & social outlets is mind boggling. Hope you found the thought provoking facts in this blog post worthy of the time you spent till now.

But at the end of the day, Satyam Eva Jayate =  Truth Shall Always Prevail!


  1. They can't answer bcoz they don't have the balls for healthy debates.

  2. Masters of the Universe have suddenly discovered they really do not count.

    All this ruckus is undermining the judiciary and democracy in this country and is unacceptable.

    Why were they asleep during the trial? Why did they all not present their case before the court?

    Simply put.They should just "SHUT UP".

  3. It's a well known fact that even the maoist's cause have their sympathizers, including in intelligentsia. It's one thing to have sympathies towards a cause, even maoist's cause, and quite another to provide logistical support to convicted terrorists like Narayan Sanyal and other outlaws. Binayak Sen was found to have crossed that line between sympathy and assistance by the court of law. He still has higher courts to appeal against the judgment if he feels so but till then he remains a convict.

  4. Bravo Kiran, thanks for taking time and putting events and facts together.

    For our royal family, everything is a god given gift to divert attention and orchestrate anything & everything for political advantage - no place for morals, values and 'what is best for country'.

  5. Well done Kiranji. Look forward for such blogs.Congrats.

  6. Kiranji, what a blog Sir!

    Astonishingly assuring and captivating in its rich factual detail. You have pursued the subject with an undeviating determination and put it across for the public to read, capture and introspect the facts for themselves as would suit their perspicacity.

    The 24 points detailed above in historical sequence is surely the final NAIL in the COFFIN of Binayak Sen and his supporting zealots, which includes intellectuals, politicians, bureaucrats and of course Main Stream Media. Can't do without them, can you?

    Great piece of research work. An enlightening eye-opener in fact and a guide to many who may not be aware of the Binayak Sen episode in its reality!

    Thank you.

  7. Excellent Research....This is the job of our Media but they have stopped hiring people with brains.:(

  8. superb article sir, you have researched the facts thoroughly and presented it in quite an illustrious way. the questions will shut the barking mouths of the media, but we know, there are ignorant unlucky indians who care for every bark they make, for them we need to publicise this excellent write up of yours. thanks for writing and really enjoyed reading it !!

  9. I had hardly known about Binayak Sen. Thanks to your article, though my knowledge about Binayak Sen did not increase much, you have clearly established the nexus that exists between violent movements like naxals and the supporters of such violence amongst the media.


  10. this article in The Hindu shows the very basis of @Kiran's article on Binayak is anything but truth and based on trumped up facts. If he is fair minded i would like him to rebut even a single question raised in this link.

  11. A Critique Of Binayak Sen’s Judgment By Ilinia Sen, Sudha Bharadwaj & Kavita Srivastava

  12. You said it nice and loud, keep it up.

  13. Well written article which is full of undeniable facts. Good work Kiran and to admit the truth, I learnt a lot about this case from this article. Please continue the good work..

  14. How quick and neat are our courts, to hand over justice so quickly to people like Dr. Binayak, while scores of scoundrels like A. Raja continue to taunt the Indians.

    We have enough of them amongst every sector of our society and I dont know whether to blame our law enforcement alone or also the judiciary.

    When even the current CJI is under scan, I would rather believe that the Doctor was indeed doing his job.. that is save lives.

  15. awesome!! a very informative post by you as always..

  16. And read my replies to the above blog post here at "The Curious Case of Dr. Binayak Sen "

  17. Dear Kiranji,
    you have very well narrated the 16 atrocities suffered by Hindus. Was it planned or done by Binayak Sen ? His life is safe in the Jail.

  18. To all those who took time to read, cross post on other websites, refer on Twitter or other social networks, or comment here, a big thanks. As I told some friends earlier, this blog was written in a hurry & a better proof reading was necessary. But to keep it as it came out initially, no changes were done.

    Those who want to know more into the summary of the lengthy court verdict, here is a nice gist:

    A lot of questions regarding contradictions or weak evidence claims will be answered if you read the full thing. Most importantly, it will highlight that not just, all three accused were found guilty of offences under sections Sections 124 A read with Section 120 B of the Indian Penal Code, Sections 8(1), 8(2), 8(3) and 8(5) of the Chhattisgarh Vishesh Jan Suraksha Adhiniyam, 2005 (Chhattisgarh Special Public Safety Act) and Section 39(2) of the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, 1967.

    This is different from the version many were floating that only Chhattisgarh local law was used to prosecute.

  19. Yes, it is same law that charged our Mahatma Gandhi with sedition - Section 124 A of IPC. Gandhiji termed Section 124A as the “Prince among the political sections of the Indian Penal Code designed to suppress the liberty of the citizen” and bluntly reminded the Government that “affection cannot be manufactured or regulated by law.Read more if interested here