Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Why Would I Hesitate To Support AAP?

Today, I was discussing with a soft-spoken friend. The topic was the most current hot topic now-a-days. It is nothing but the English media hype for a relatively insignificant political entity like AAP, that has mere 0.68% of assembly seats in India.

And he gave some really good pointers. From that discussion, here are five category of questions to anyone who supports AAP or considering a support.

1) Arvind Kejriwal and some key AAP leaders have connections to foreign funding, via avenues like Ford Foundation. And Ford does not have a good image in India. Why do they hide or downplay their Ford funding?
Read the most reputed teacher, Prof. Vaidyanathan questioning: Is India safe–What is Ford Foundation

If you want a leftist ask the same question, here is Arundhati Roy stating: "the main reason why I am is so skeptical of Anna’s movement (now AAP avatar) is because it was a ‘copy book of the World Bank agenda’.
And don't miss this. It might sound a bit like conspiracy theory, but there are points to ponder. CIA’s Trojan Horse enters the Heart of India.
And remember the noise about NGOs to be kept out of Janlokpal ambit?

2) Fighting corruption is a noble cause. But at the expense of compromising on naxalism, jihadi threat in Jammu and Kashmir, flirting with communalism, to name a few. If you want national space, you need to be clear on contentious national issues.
Why disrespecting a court decision on Batla encounter?
Why soft on maoist violence?
Why soft on Congress CM's corruptions?
And many more relevant national issues. 
Read: 25 Questions to Arvind Kejriwal and his Fan Boys
Similarly, there is another set of 10 very direct and clear questions to Aam Aadmi Party supporters. Most have no answers for these critical national interest items.

A little introspection for AAP supporters
Credit to the original creator of the 10 set questions' image. I don't know who created it, but it is fabulous thought provoking work.
Now the maoist sympathizing segment forms part of various AAP advisory committees.
Aam Aadmi Party and the potential implications for national security.
How could anyone support Prashant Bhushan, who is openly anti Indian army, talks softly on Jihadi terror and openly supporting separatists who want to break India? Isn't his statements exact replica of Pakistani and ISI's lingo across the international fora?
"There should be a referendum on whether people want AFSPA to continue in the valley or not"
The associations of Kejriwal, the past and present, give no confidence to an Indian who believes in integrity and soverignty of India.
Statements aside, his associations tell us much more.
 Another dubious association of Kejriwal
3) Have you ever wondered why Kejriwal's corruption fighting ideas are fundamentally flawed?
Here is some food for thought.
Kejriwal’s slogan of ‘Corruption Hatao’ is in many ways not very different from what Indira Gandhi said ‘Garibi Hatao’. Both are populist slogans. Kejriwal’s ideas like Swaraj and Lokpal are fundamentally flawed.
Kejriwal & Aam Aadmi Party have made a push for Economic Policy that we left behind in 1991. i.e. Policy of Subsidies.
They offer no fresh, meaningful, productive idea. They have none, can offer none. They have Zero Experience of Governance. They stand to lose nothing. Only India stands to lose because of such Worms & Germs.
Arvind Kejriwal's methods are so medieval.
For instance, the attractive sounding schemes like “junta darbar”, which uncannily resembles the erstwhile kings’ modus operandi in the role of “dispenser of justice” through their diwan-e-aam darbars. Compare them with 21st century methods of Narendra Modi, which work.. actually work very well!
Public grievance address system: Medieval mode versus 21st century approach
4) Coming to pretending or misleading people.. Why does Kejriwal do it so often?
Didn't he know that center has to approve Janlokpal bill? If yes, why mislead Dilli?
Anna's decision becomes "my" decision!
And let's also revisit the prior blog entry in this same site.
How can anyone tolerate a party that flip-flops so quickly, even shaming chameleons?
U turns of Arvind. A complete compilation.
5) Why does AAP indulge in Congress-BJP bhai bhai nonsense? Now that it has formed a government in Dilli with Congress support, popularly known as AAPCON govt, this bhai bhai claim sounds so silly.
24 hour rhetoric of “all parties are equally corrupt” (because of their vested interests and which directly benefits Congress). 
Congress and BJP looted us for 65 years…really ?
In fact whom was Yogendra Yadav mentoring around 2009 election?
How did voters who had vitriolic hatred for the Congress suddenly agree to support Kejriwal’s tie up with that party? Simple. the entire operation is focused on stopping Modi's march.
And if Narendra Modi is removed, India will be joined in anarchy. You can write off this nation for a whole generation. 
Kejriwal has been exposed on TV screens, unable to justify some of his corrupt and dubious party members.
So much for Congress-BJP bhai bhai!
And the newest entrants into AAP have dubious credentials and corruption baggage.
Be it Bihar's Singh history sheeter rowdy Kundan Singh or Tamil Nadu's Christina Samy
Coming to clean politics, Over Rs.24,00,000 of expenses were under-reported by Kejriwal's AAP from their pre-election musical concert. Are they any different from the people they snub?
This is shown in the Order passed by the Election Officer on the discrepancies in booking expenses incurred by AAP on musical concert.
Finally, there is a clear 10 mantra collection, called as NaMo Mantras in here. When preferring a party in 2014 election, keep these 10 mantras in mind. Even though that presentation is clearly pro Narendra Modi and BJP, you can decide in favour of anyone you want. But your nation's future at stake. Make a judicious and well thought out choice!

If you still need to think, read through or see/hear, all the links provided above. For a person with "Nation First" intention, there will be ample clarity after going through them.

Good luck!


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  2. I think all 5 of your arguments are very weak. I am writing a blog too on what AAP means fir India's future and why I support them. Will definitely address all of the issues you raised as I am an AAP 'fan boy' as you put it.

    Except for the point on AK deliberately misleading the public at large there's very little logic in the other allegations. Cong-BJP bhai bhai is an absolute fact!

    AK as the next PM is the best thing that could happen in April of 2014 , however that dies seem unlikely - I only hope AK becomes leader if opposition and not RaGa else were in for 5 more years of UPA type regime

    1. Do you really think if AAP win LS seats they will not tie up like happened in delhi and RaGa becoming PM of UPA3 with all combining together as congi +AAP+BSP+RJD+NCP+NC+....
      I fail to understand, how people cannot see this simple truth...If u want to support AAP pls support it, it is your democratic right but by keeping your eyes open...Bu the way do u know about Chrinajeevi who contested in South India and about Raj Thackrey from MNS and finally waht happened...Advice you to study little history...

    2. Haha..oh my God.. Cong-BJP bhai bhai! Are you mad? Cong and BJP are enemies to the core! Look at Indian political history in the last 20-25 years and you will know.
      Also, AK, the leader of the party, misleading the public, ie the voters, citizens, is a very serious issue.
      Let your blog come out, lets see your idiotic arguments as to why you support the AAP.
      NaMo for PM!!!!!!

  3. Arkus, ROFL on you....

    Man when you will wake up?

    Hope before writing your Blog ans to me

    1. Why Pak is supporting AAP?
    2.Why foregin foundation are only intered in funding to AAP?
    3. Why did AAP tie up with CONG?
    4. What is AK car number after become CM and why is Green light instead of Red light on Car?