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Rajiv Malhotra : An Intellectual Kshatriya

Today,  I came across Rajiv Malhotra - termed popularly as an Intellectual Kshatriya (Warrior). He is surely an awesome eloquent spokesperson for Sanatana Dharma in the West! He runs Infinity foundation. He is from management consulting background for big firms like AT&T in the United States. I did come across his work during the prior years, but never spent a full hour listening to his immense knowledge and the power of delivery. Today's time spent was an eye opener!

Needless to say, I was so impressed with his speech & the wide array of topics he covered, I am taking time to write this blog, encouraging others to learn more about this spectacular strategist, thinker and speaker!

A few of the salient points from his five part speech videos, follows here.{Updated on Sep 15, 2011: One Video, covering all five parts embedded}

He starts off his speech, in the Part 1, quoting "Purva Paksha", the need of knowing the opposing point of view. This part of debate technique was historically legitimate in India was covered first. You might want to refer to Adi Shankara and his debates to learn more about Purva Paksha technique.

Then he covered something that totally surprised me.. I consider myself a bit involved in learning contemporary Hinduism, I am actively involved in debates on the social networks on Hindu dharma, I conduct DharmaQuiz as a fun way of learning about India's core ideology,  among other ways to keep me engaged with Dharmic traditions. But hearing a few things about the "Project Breaking India" took me by surprise. We all would have heard of the political side of pseudo-secularism or 'secularism' in quotes as a fundamental threat to the unity and integrity of India, its culture and its people. But this Breaking India project, an Intellectual, emotional & psychological breakup of India, conceptually scared me. Is it some man's wild dream or something that is already deep rooted, taking most Hindus & secular Indians by surprise?

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He systematically covered a possible physical breakup of India, starting with Dalit Freedom network, funded
Breaking India, a book by Rajiv Malhotra and Aravindan Neelakandan
by White Christians of Denver and other places. Then he talks about 1040 and Joshua projects aiming at massive conversion of Hindus and other native coreligionists of India. Then he talks about Tehelka's undercover operation to expose the anti-united-India activities of the church via Joshua projects on rural side of India. He particularly stressed on the the ownership of land in rural area by churches, strategically using them to convert people.

Gospel for Asia in Dallas, using religious hate speech was covered in the next part of his speech. European Lutheran church in Scandinavia and Germany, that uses Human rights argument to isolate India politically, and then police India via church backed networks was highlighted.

Then he covers the mega strategic tool used by those who want to sideline & suppress Hinduism in particular, using strong political muscle. US Commission on Religious Freedom, Clinton setup commission, to monitor religious freedom across the world (except USA, of course). Very surprisingly,  it's Watch list has India in it, along with Islamic extreme state like Afghanistan!! He claims that religious freedom is actually too much in India, if you live and observe it, but this commission purposefully paints Hindus as the bad guys. Anyone with even 15 days of vacation through the vast country of India, would not believe an ounce of that India=Afghanistan argument when it comes to religious freedom. It's a shame that a public funded group in the world's most powerful democracy, is painting such horrendous picture! Rajiv peels layer by layer, as to how most of the 'complaints' & 'testimonies' about India, are from those supported by Joshua, Lutheran, Dalit Freedom network kind of anti-India conversion networks. And, there's no cross examination allowed by Sanatana Dharma Hindu organizations like Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, Pejavar Matha, Sringeri Shankara matha, Varanasi Hindu sabhas, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Arya Samaj and Ramakrishna mission. Essentially this is a one way propaganda mission to put India and Indians on the defensive! He talks about 15 commissioners - Muslims, Christians (Worldvision kind of open Christian conversion organization backed) & Jews. No Hindu/Jain/Sikh/Buddhist commissioners nominated. Rajiv Malhotra's 600 page book's chapter 17 exposes each of these commissioners, their backgrounds linking to church and how they are trying to break India via an agenda.

Then be backs up the timeline to give us a holistic view of how this whole break-India conceptualizations started 200 years back. He covers Robert Caldwell, an evangelist missionary and others of 19th century, how they created Dravidian-Aryan division theory. How they used distortion of  Saint Thomas' "influence" on Thirukkural etc. in South India.. how their ideology is used today for a distortion that Hinduism is a 'Brahmin' conspiracy and if you get back to Saint Thomas' ideology, you will go back to original Christianity in the south! Dravidian & Dalit concepts are being grouped to form a common anti-Hinduism umbrella. Third kind of divide is the minority identity against Hinduism, which already cost India two physical parts during the 20th century.

Then he covers what would most interest my social media buddies. The systematic media management part, using mainly foreign Christian sources. Talks about 'Christian Media in India' book (I didn't catch the exact title or author), the money sources, the control of Indian media, making news agencies (NDTV, Times of India, The Hindu kind) planting Christian-twist stories, producing journalists with their ideologies, networking with international wires to make them 'world wide' news material all the way to NY Times, Christian Science Monitor etc. Talks about many of them being fabricated systematic spread of rubbish. This part was well observed by folks on Twitter in India, but Rajiv's claim of such a deep rooted network to this extent just shocked me! Maybe we should buy his book by paying $20 and read more on this chapter closely.

Then comes the most bizarre bed partners fact. The axis of leftists (US, mostly South Asia academic, like Ford Foundation) and rightists (Western Christian, like Rockefeller right of center foundations) working together in this effort against Hinduism in India. Western Right takes on Christianity basis and Western Left takes on the basis of secularism, human rights etc. He also exposes Indian left are in bed with Western Christian Right!

Unbelievable collaboration of opposing ideologies  per Mr.Malhotra!

He then moves on to the assault on Sanskrit, Gurus, anything core of Hindu is from this combo of ideological attacks, well funded from the West.

Then he challenges the notion of minority concept itself.
Rajiv's words mostly as is: "If you were to go to India, and see a MacD restaurant with 20 employees, you would not say its a minority restaurant. What matters is that this is 1 of the 50,000 branches of the world. You don't take one restaurant as a minority. Same way, one church in India is a part of Vatican global empire. The Bishop is appointed by Vatican. Their property is indirectly under Vatican's rule. So Indian Christians are a part of huge multinational. Not just Catholics, but Mormons, Baptists, Lutherans etc. Just like you don't give MacDonald in India a minority privilege, you can't give a church in India also a minority status. Similar stuff for Mosques too based on the global Islamic empire. If they are independent local concepts, yes, they should be treated as minority. But if a church or a mosque is a part of a large multinational conglomerate, including funding, how can it enjoy minority privilege in India?"
He continues: Not just the numerical strength locally, but a group must be looked as a global strength too. Christians and Muslims being billions in this world, they are in no way a handicap minority group in India. That should be the criteria. Top down appointments from head quarters from foreign country, including total control of funds & operation, how can Christians & Muslims can be termed minorities?

He then moves on to the topic of the fear of human rights policing as a strategic tool to keep Indian political leadership terrified, unlike China. When the US condemns human rights, within two weeks China releases its own human rights to condemn US! But Indians academics, religious leaders or political leaders hardly study US to counter the 'human rights' baton. 

Indians are weak because the leaders don't know where they should stand when it comes to these systematic religious & cultural attacks from outside. He then covered the in-fighting among Hindus. Neo-Vedantins fighting among each other. Sufism in Delhi, via music, creating inferiority complex towards Hinduism was covered.

Hindus need to know what is non-negotiable for internal unity, and also what is needed to counter external aggression. Per Rajiv, Indian Hindus hardly know how their difference with rest of the world, can form a unity among them. Covers analogy among Western unity from Hagan's time (?). Europeans' uniqueness, Euro centric identity, was contrasted with the rest, creating the whole 'West' concept, uniting French, English, German etc. He then briefly talked about another book, coming up, with the Indian Hindu history, ideology, philosophy, identity, with a contrast to others is essential to make Indians know who they are.

Here is the full set of 5 videos, if you have an hour to listen to this Sanatani Hindu, who has the power to create strategy that might unite the utterly divided Hindus of the world today!

Updated on 15, Sep, 2011: All 5 parts together:

{ The following videos have been turned as private by the Youtube user.

Well done in educating us Mr.Malhotra! Two Thumbs up!


  1. Very nice, very nice. all must watch. I also encourage people to watch Rajiv' other videos on Rama-Setu and others of historical significance. Those are very good.

    On the same note, here is the article which rajiv talked about during his speech >> Tehelka' full story on Joshua project and other missionaries. Very in depth story >>

    And this video of Veer Savarkar' sudden realisation (3 min) >>


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  3. Initial Purva-paksha was spelt out clearly by Chanakya in his Artha Shastra.

  4. Am presently reading the book, i must say it is worth and must read for all nationalist, secularists too.Every evangilist with dalit/dravidian mask is exposed. Am planning to create some short blogposts and waiting for volunteers, so that the information in this book is reached to all.. very well done sir,

    The video posted here is not playings, it says IT IS PRIVATE !

    1. My Dear❤nationalizer bhai ji Rajiv ji was being a missionary/evangelist 4 what he believes. But He was sharing UnTruth/ADharma mixed with some Truth/Dharma. Any1 can create any video & say anything they want. That doesn't automatically make it TRUTH, Right? SatyaMeve Jayte!

    2. STEALING is not Satyameva Jayeta.. Go and atone for these sins or even Christ has to hand you over to altered Lucifer. Funniest God, who could not even control his anger, cursed all humanity for eternity and then sends resolution?? STEALING HINDU IDEAS and shamelessly calling it as XTIAN.. Even Christ will rebuke and punish. SEEMS PROSELYTIZERS ARE OUT OF IDEAS. SHAMELESSLY STEALING.

  5. HERE is the Full Video:

  6. Dear @Nationalizer , I would be willing to volunteer if you need help. Just send me a tweet.

    Dear @SatyaPrakash Swayi, Appreciate your help in finding a full Youtube video covering all 5 parts. I have updated the blog with the new link.

  7. At the end you seem to have rushed up but it's a great sum up of his talk.

  8. Please check out how Rajiv Malhotra advises the Indian dancer who failed to understand Inculturation

  9. Every Hindu must read, understand these and make strategies to protect Hindu Dharma !!

  10. Kiran, it is very fit case to delete the comments made by Arthus which are baseless and only being made to confuse other readers.. We may respect other religions but need not tolerate nosense like this...