Thursday, March 17, 2011

2G Suicide: Almost Everything You Want to Know About Sadiq Batcha

On March 16th late morning, news started spreading like wildfire in India that an aide of now-jailed 2G scam architect, A Raja of DMK/UPA, has committed suicide.

His name was Sadiq Batcha. Let me be honest. I had only a passing recollection of this name when Raja was supposedly being 'grilled' by CBI. By early afternoon, when things were really becoming hot, it became more necessary to educate myself who this Sadiq guy actually was. Thanks to uncle Google & my online friends, quickly the skeletons started falling off the carefully guarded cupboards.

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So here we go with whatever I could dig yesterday. There is quite a bit of interesting exposed links to the DMK dynasty here. There is also a bit of 'fertile imagination' possible links to the Congress dynasty. After reading these, decide for yourself how much is real connection and what extent is a conspiracy, at least for now.

My best guess is that Batcha is just the first in a potential 2G cover-up 'Tsunami' brewing up.
  1. Sadiq Batcha was selling sarees on 10 installments near Salem villages in 1990. After he was introduced to A Raja, he was worth Rs.2000 crores by 2010 !
  2. Sadiq Batcha floated Green House Promoters in Chennai in 2004 with Rs.1 lakh. Yes just 1 lakh! It grew leaps and bounds in no time, just like Raja's other proxy Real estate companies. Raja's wife Parameshwari came on board in 2007. Rest is history!
  3. Before Batcha's take off time over 2 decades back, even Andimuthu Raja was a junior advocate on a salary of Rs.5000 pm is what some people say.
  4. RP Paramesh Kumar, the son of A Raja’s sister Vijayammal, was made the joint Managing Director of Sadiq Batcha's Green House Promoters.
  5. Batcha's green house promoters was raided in December 2010. Raja's brother was a primary investor in the company; wife a former legal adviser.
  6. MRF factory, opening up in Perembulur, in TN shortly, will have poor Dalits' curse. A Raja & Sadiq Batcha made up to 3000% profit in some cases by politically intimidating poor Dalits!
  7. Sadiq Batcha used Malaysia to Chennai route for shady money transfer. Very interestingly, our dearest Pappu recently toured Malaysia on a 'private' visit, that too parts without 'security'. Draw your own connection even after giving him a benefit of doubt.
  8. Shouldn't TV warriors like Arnab be questioning Pappu why he was on a 'personal' tour of Malaysia without security? Here is a guy who has seen multiple assassinations in his family, but suddenly skips Z+ security in Malaysia which has sizable ethnic Indian population!
  9. All the directors of Raja's proxy RE companies, like the one owned by Sadiq Batcha, were from Perumbalur, Raja's native place. And interestingly all these companies were floated with throwaway money (few lakhs) immediately after Raja became a minister under 'honest' Manmohan in 2004
  10. It gets more interesting if you read further. DB Realty Managing Director Shahid Balwa knew Sadiq Batcha well - If you haven't heard of Shahid Balwa, please search around for his Dubai hawala & possible D-gang & Pakistan connections.
  11. After Shahid Balwa & Sadiq Batcha link was exposed CBI was going to Dubai just 4 weeks back - Common factor? HAWALA!
  12. "Sadiq Batcha was not a weak man" - says Subramanian Swamy and he has good reasons to say that. He is probably the one guy on this entire planet who has the most intricate details of Sonia, Karunanidhi, Manmohan and Raja's notorious 2G scam blue print.
  13. Vicky Nanjappa, a journalist I admire in India, blogs.. "Did Batcha have too much of him?" : Read here:
  14. Regarding potential life threats, read the last line of Subramanian Swamy interview from November 20, 2010: - He should have explicitly added Sadiq Batcha too!
  15. Headlines Today anchor, Kanwal tweeted yesterday that it was very eerie but Ratan Tata said in an interview on 2G investigations recently, that body bags will start arriving soon. Prophetic!
Now do some 'connect the dots' exercise:
  • Connect the Dots - sequence 1: Sadiq Batcha routes money from Malaysia & some key politician visits Malaysia, 'suddenly', that too without security on a 'private' visit!
  • Connect the Dots - sequence 2: Sadiq Batcha linked to Shahid Balwa, which leads to 3 notorious Dubai Hawala guys. Subramanian Swamy had openly alleged earlier that a key politician's sisters are having Dubai link and possibly even leading to ISI.
  • After connecting: Sadiq Batcha & many like him becoming 'faces' to DMK & CON dynasties. This modus operandi saw a HUGE influx of 2G scam money back to India via Dubai & Malaysia 
My take:

My firm take is that a guy who grew from selling Rs.200 sarees on installments to owning Rs.2000 crore empire in 20 years is NOT a suicide candidate by any sort of imagination. There are always exceptions to the rules, but I would strongly suspect some foul play here.

Most likely, political dynasties 'picked' 2G companies with a kickback deal -> Those companies sold parts or the entire allocation for huge profits -> Profits hoarded to Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Dubai etc. -> Then channeled back via Sadiq Batcha kind to dynasty's proxy companies as the amounts were too big for regular benami routes.

There are only 2 steps to prevent Sadiq Batcha kind of 'suicides' in the future.
a) Make Indian tax payers pay for poll campaigns, that too fixed full or majority share for every 'winnable' candidate
b) Ban politico families from all types of business. These murkier deals are too obvious & too dangerous for the country's security & long term stability.


  1. Brilliant piece of information Kiranji. This is outstanding research. What a scary scenario it is. Almost like a Idi Amin in the form of a Lady, illegally governing, looting, extorting and killing all those who come in her way. Can the country open its eyes please and awaken from their slumber at least now.

    With your permission , tweeting to all tweeplers.

    Once again, thank you.