Thursday, February 12, 2015

How to win election with Lies, Fraud and BrainWash: The AAP Style.

Yes, you read it right.. this article is about how to win election with Lies, Fraud and BrainWash, following the immensely successful model of AAP in Dilli-2015.

At the same time, I understand democracy, respecting the verdict of people, work done on the ground by AAP volunteers etc. I have nothing to speak negatively about those. Those who supported AAP can certainly celebrate and rejoice.

This is only to highlight how shady methods were employed and how they succeeded. Throughout this writeup, a series of social media posts would be used. All credits to the original posters. The reason they are cited here is only to prove some points. Also, I hope all the pointers posted by them are accurate and done with due diligence. If anything is inaccurate, please point out in the comments for the benefit of myself and other readers.

1: Pre-emptive strike on your opponent with rumour-mongering:
Of course a blatant rumour. AAP started putting Jagdish Mukhi as BJP's CM candidate long before the election. One this was a clear rumour as BJP never declared him as the BJP CM candidate. Second, this was unethical as you don't put your opponent party people's pictures on your posters, without their permission. Maybe illegal too. 
Image: India Today
This was followed by a series of such speculations about a dozen possible "CM Candidates" of BJP. Finally they settled down with Kiran Bedi when she was announced officially by BJP. That too, using her picture without her permission, calling her "opportunist", when Kejriwal himself had betrayed Anna Hazare with opportunism.
The idea was to create massive confusion in the minds of voters about your opponent. A guerilla tactic.. Highly unethical, but who can tell that to AAP? They did succeed in creating confusion within BJP camp that showed up in results later.

2: Fooling Modi supporters about Modi for PM, Arvind for CM:
Let's face it. Everyone knows what a massive wave was there in 2014 for Narendra Modi. Dilli gave 7 out of 7 MP seats to BJP. So AAP had to reinvent. They started a fraud campaign on their website and Youtube/Facebook/WhatsApp videos about Modi for PM and Arvind for CM.

They were exposed on Twitter, and had to roll this back. But the subtle impression was built on Modi supporters who were undecided on the Dilli government part. Hey, this does not sound like a bad idea, coming straight from AAP website.. that's how a first time voter might think.

Again, an unethical and blatant fraud. You don't put such things without taking permission from BJP to use Modi's pictures.

3: Blatant misinformation about the sensitive Black Money topic:
Not just AAP, but their partners in crime, Congress too used this extensively.

Lies were planted in an organized way in social media, mainstream media, political circles, and even all the way to the parliament sessions. What were those lies?
> Modi has promised to deposit Rs.15 lakhs per person after retrieving black money.
> Modi has promised that within 100 days of coming to power, this would be done.

Watch this video and decide for yourself. It clearly exposes the lies propagated by highly iresponsible leadership of Congress and AAP against Modi. I have watched a few more of Modi's 2014 campaign videos and from what I know, nowhere he made the 100 days kind of promises.


This particular topic made a huge impact in the minds of the middle class that had voted for BJP or sympathetic to BJP. It confused them to come extent about BJP govt's intentions and lured them towards AAP which promised a very "clean" government. BJP did not do a good job in telling people that Modi government had done its work before June 2014, submitting to Supreme Court monitored SIT, all the necessary documents. It is a court matter now which the government is actively pursuing.

4: Fooling people about "clean" politics and candidates being really "aam aadmi".
After confusing people about BJP (NDA) government at the center, AAP kept on repeating that they are very clean. Unfortunately, educated voters did not do fact checks.

Here are some that they should have checked.

They should have asked AAP - How clean are your candidates?
The reality was that, when the "bad" Sheila was CM, Dilli assembly had 43% MLAs with criminal cases. When "good" Kejriwal becomes CM now, it would be just 34%. Nothing to be proud of. AAP fooled Dilli on this front.

They should have asked Arvind Kejriwal.. how clean is your criminal record sir? 
This "very clean" Yug purush has 4 serious IPC cases and 43 other IPC cases against him as per Delhi Election Watch website. Is that a very "clean" politician profile? 

If you don't trust me that's OK. At least find out what Prashant Bhushan did internally at AAP side about the dubious money and muscle power that was being given ticket in the name of "aam aadmi". Read why Bhushan was furious about 12 candidates in particular ->

They should have asked how "aam" are your aam aadmi candidates?
They didn't. So now Dilli has some extremely rich people as MLAs, while the drama was all along about being "aam aadmi" or common people.
  • Parmila Tokas declared assets of just Rs. 88 crores! 
  • Naresh Balyan - 58 crores. 
  • Kailash Gahlot - 38 crores. 
  • Naresh Yadav - 27 crores.
  • ....... and so on.
In comparison, India's per capita income is still well below Rs.1 lakh per year. How many years does it take for an "aam aadmi" to earn 1 crore at that rate?

BTW, the same Naresh Balyan was quizzed by police for the large scale illegal liquor distribution allegations.

They should have asked how qualified your candidate are?
Remember when Om Puri was launching scathing attack on the educational qualification of MPs when Arvind Kejriwal was with Anna Hazare movement? Now, we have an assembly in Dilli, wherein 34% of the MLAs have not gone to college!!

So 1 in 3 MLAs is an "anpadh" and "ganwar" as Om Puri screamed with same gang! How hypocritical.

See how easy it is to fool the gullible, even in the capital of India! In contrast to these super rich "aam aadmi" MLAs, the "pro-rich" Narendra Modi is 52 times poorer than AAP MLA Parmila Tokas.

5:  Character assassination of India's Prime Minister over a suit.
There were many different ways PM Modi was targeted throughout the campaign. I would not get into the subtle social media attacks on his child marriage's wife which was construed as "disrespecting women". There were very derogatory images circulated which are better left out here. But one thing I must speak about is the controversy created over Modi's "10 lakh or 15 lakh Rupees suit" during US President Obama's visit to India.

It all started with the discredited Times of India running a story in late January about the so called "Nine Lakh Rupees" suit that Modi wore while Obama was here, which had his name embroidered. AAP and Congress picked up on this, along with some discredited media houses. They ran a full fledged campaign everywhere, including social media trends about this suit. 9 lakh suit.. 10 lakh suit.. 15 lakh suit.. Some irresponsible speeches were also given like that of Rahul Gandhi where these lies were repeated in a Goebbels method.

When all was done and dusted, the same Times of India brought in a small paragraph of "clarification" and "regretted" for the false news.
So in reality, the suit material was a gift given to Modi by a fan. He did not pay any lakhs from his pocket or using government money. He had it stitched in Gujarat. I doubt if he even knew that it had his name as embroidery, but that's a separate topic. It is NOT a crime for a world respected head of state to wear good cloths, that too when gifted by a fan. But this AAP campaign threw so much muck into the campaign painting him as an "agent of rich", completely obscuring the track record of a man from very poor background who rose one step at a time in his life. Highly negative and immoral campaign was launched against Modi, that fooled lakhs of voters.

The same Modi had donated most of his savings and gifts in Gujarat as CM, for the education of daughters of poor people of India. Read more on that here ->

There was a brilliant and emotional post on the social media today, that exposes the blatant character assasination method of AAP in Hindi. My apologies for not translating it, but if anyone wants, you can do it in comments.

In summary, a poor man who sold tea as a child, who spent 3 decades with nothing more than 2 or 3 sets of cloths traveling across India, who slept wherever nature offered space for him, who ate at places wherever food was available, a very humble and down-to-earth man, was projected via negative campaign as an arrogant rich man who wears 10 lakh rupees suit using a phony news paper article of Times of India. And, this is not the first time Times of India did hit jobs on Modi. They had done it with "Rambo act" during Uttarakhand floods too. To his credit, Modi has never sued these hit jobs of media. 

6: Negative campaign against a very successful NDA government's first 9 months:

An extensive campaign was launched that Modi government has not done anything in the first 8 to  9 months. And many lakh voters believed it due to the poor countering mechanism of BJP. There was a systematic misinformation launched at slums about land acquisition bill, about the government spending a lot, whereas it was actually saving expenditure. False information was spread on inflation and GDP, when they were actually being corrected well. Last but not the least, the Jan Dhan Yojna which has brought financial inclusion to over 11.5 crore poor Indians in 4 months (a record in human history in terms of numbers for 4 months), was painted as negative!

So, Modi did not do anything substantial in 9 months as claimed by AAP and Congress? Read this impressive list shared by @rajji3351 user on Twitter. (the last 2 words are not in good taste, but I am just using what was shared)

If you have more time, read through how Modi changed the global perspective of India in a very short time. Here is my blog written a few months ago ->

7: Allegedly receiving dubious funds while screaming that other parties have shady funds:
Social media was abuzz with #AAPFundingScam a few days before the election. Of course, this was brushed aside by the self-professed "honest" AAP with a bravado to "arrest me". When you screamed for years that BJP and Congress gets shady funding, how come you ran a campaign with shady funds too? Social media was abuzz for months with very dubious transactions shown on AAP website. Just search around and you can find 100s of such examples.

But this one about 2 crore of dubious fund was important. Not surprisingly now AAP has received an IT notice.

And @nayanchandra who shared this, claims that not only that they had this notice before the results, but also deliberately leaked it after results, to cry foul about "vendetta politic".

Very concerning matter as a whole which Dilli voters completely missed. 

8: Scaring people with rumours about EVM tampering:
This was again a well thought out dirty trick of AAP. Throughout the campaign, even during prior elections, they kept on saying BJP and Congress are giving money and liquor. This time, Kejriwal got chided by the election commission. But rumour mongering did not stop. Kejriwal himself lead the rumour mongering about electronic voting machines (EVM) being tampered by BJP!

 So all those who screamed about EVM tampering, would accept that they were tampered in favour of AAP, after the massive 67 seats result?

Dirty politics at its lowest level by AAP.

9:  #KejriMaths - The dubious mathematics that fooled voters:

2015 Dilli election was primarily won with a barrage of promises of free things and subsidies. Water, Electricity, Wi-Fi, homes, VAT.. you name it and AAP claimed it would give either free or at a high subsidy. Unfortunately, the voters of Dilli did not scrutinize the claims. 

They did not ask.. Boss, where would you get money?
For starters, the most latest annual budget of Dilli is only Rs. 36,766 crores. This is a semi-state that lives up for most part on the money of Indian union, contributed by all states, including some of the poorest states like Odisha and Bihar. Being the capital region, the roads, trains, airports and pretty much every form of infrastructure is built mostly using the Union of India's money, unlike Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai etc. who have to build mostly using their local tax money. No one in Dilli loudly asked.. even at basic Rs.10,000 per CCTV, Kejriwal has to find Rs.15,000 cr just for his CCTV promise. Mumbai spent over 900 crores just for 6000 odd CCTVs. Where would you get that money?

Here is a well analyzed article from Business Standard that exposes the highly dubious freebie plan of Kejriwal and company. You can see, late of course after the damage is done, that most promises in the manifesto of AAP were camouflaged or with poor mathematics.

Now many news outlets are doing post-mortem. Here is one such post mortem. Five crazy promises of Kejriwal that are next to impossible to implement ->

Nothing explains the impractical nature of these over ambitious promises, as this small writeup that made rounds extensively on Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. 

Good luck Dilli, trying to find money for this #KejriMaths!

Reading the @ramaraoKP shared news paper link, it is amply clear that the Santa Claus Kejriwal has promised the sky, but didn't tell that his account has no money!

Expecting lots of Dharmacracy now about how "Modi is not giving money"? Light.. sound.. action!

And, a lot of young folks voted AAP for the "free WiFi". But the fine print is emerging now after the election. This is shared by @vickymackdown.

Only 30 minutes free.. Not for any house, office, mall etc. Even when available, Facebook, WhatsApp, Email, Twitter would be restricted. I am sure these fine prints were not in the manifesto or public ads before the election.

After reading all these.. I am reminded me of that famous ad.. No Ullu banaoing :)
But too late for Dilli public.

10: Unholy partnership with a single minded greed for power:

To get into power in Dilli, AAP pretty much used every possible corner available.Who cares if Mamata Banerjee herself is in a serious mess with Saradha scam running into 1000s of crores? We will take her support! Interestingly, her party MP was in forefront talking against Church attacks, that were mysteriously hapening right before the election. Who cares is communist ideology is opposite to Mamata, for power in Dilli we will take CPM support too. Who cares if Owaisi family is highly controversial with anti Hindu communal speeches? We are all same here fighting "communal BJP". Who cares if Nitish Kumar has a dubious record of backstab politics and caste politics in Bihar, we want their support.

Importantly.. who cares if we said we have nothing to do with religion. Our people will visit Church priests and openly tweet their support. We also got support from the controversial Imam Bukhari, but for publicity, we want to stay away.

What was that again? Secularism means separation of church and state (politics). But for power, we will go with anyone as long as they are against BJP :)

And AAP even gave tickets to highly controvesial people like Amanatullah Khan, who did not hesitate to insult Ashok Chakra awardee, Martyr Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma within hours of getting elected!

As long we are keeping  BJP out, everything else is fine! Who cares about ideology, religion-mix and other factors. "We" would even play caste politics twisting an ad of BJP that talked about a gotra.

In summary:

AAP tried every trick available - whether it was unethical, immoral, illegal, outright impractical.. doesn't matter. As long as BJP is defeated. And they succeeded.

But it was not as bad as media projected for BJP. As @durgaramdas computed:
BJP in 2013 assembly elections of Dilli got 26,75,857 votes which resulted in 32 seats.
BJP in 2015 Dilli assembly elections got 29,36,390 votes, but only 3 seats.

That's because BJP retained it's assembly vote share. What really happened was the ganging up of everyone else against BJP, particularly the Congress voters who deserted Rahul Gandhi fully. 
That's only a consolation for BJP. But the real failure of BJP was in not being able to counter the long list of lies, frauds and outright misinformation braiwash campaign that was launched in 2015 Dilli elections. Hope they learn. Goebbles method has been used extensively against BJP here and the same can be replicated in the upcoming state elections if BJP is not careful.

I also hope AAP learns from the mistakes and compromises they did during this election. The trust of youth power of Dilli on them is quite huge. They should deliver now. How they deliver is up to them, without blaming Modi or BJP!


  1. Yes, yes, yes, but where was the BJPs team to counter the AAP guerilla campaign ? Everytime the AAP made a premptive strike one waited with baited breath to see a Minakshi Lekhi or sitaraman or Prasad come out fists flying with facts but it didnt happen except in the last few days when the battle was already lost. It is no point promising development if you MCD in delhi did nothing for a year, if it did why wasnt it advertised to the people ? The fact is the Modi govt lost touch with the people after May, Modi himself was more keen on becoming a world statesman even before he had proved himself as the PM he projected himself as. Complacency, complacency killed the BJP. Even now the party is sleeping knowing fully well that Kejri will blame the govt for most of the promises he can not fulfill. The only way to prempt him is to educate the country on the whys & hows of fullstatehood, police control, colony regularisation. Delhi was lost because team Modi is not communicating with the people

    1. Absolutely right said Mam. point no.2 Modi for PM and Kejri for CM is used and it hypnotised the public of Delhi.
      In addition i want to say that he will do only those things that will create sensation, and nothing in reality.

  2. Never heard of such majority any where in the history of democratic elections. Check any election results in any part of the world US Canada UK Israel Iran Pakistan etc. Lakhs of people were on streets to support Nethyanahu and Sharon but not his kind of outcome.

    People are different and think differently, check EC's website APP candidates crossed 20k, 40k 50k majority and even 60k on one seat. All this in assembly elections. CPM got only 1226 votes all together, which is unbelievable, their votes never goes wrong no matter what. Compared to other regions there wasn't any such BURNING issues for the people to think pro APP. Several new faces as candidates and I don't think one can fool 57% of people by promising FREE WFI or FREE BIRIYANI.

    All the gorilla tactics applied as you said. Remember rumour about 3 lakhs fake voters in Varanasi, same way this time allegation about EVM and made EC to come and clarify EVM's are tamper proof. If they lost they would say the same complaint that BJP tampered EVM. I doubt the EVM control units are tampered this time by APP crooks, but don't think BJP raise the issue because it may impact them negatively. If some one raise this issue APP would quote EC's words and challenge others to do an enquiry.

    Regarding EVM's in Swamy's case SC ordered to provide receipt upon voting, but I don't think that is been implemented everywhere!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I remember Kejariwala having met a muslim cleric in UP before his first election in Delhi. I lost all regards for this 'secular' person on the same day! His strategy now is to cry:'Centre is not cooperating with us; I shall sit on dharna before PM's residence.' Just wait for this.

  5. When some one has no vision, you can not argue with him or her
    AAP is the way to go forward for Bharat- to address the inevitable.

  6. Absolutely right said Mam. point no.2 Modi for PM and Kejri for CM is used and it hypnotised the public of Delhi.
    In addition i want to say that he will do only those things that will create sensation, and nothing in reality.

  7. So you mean that the whole Delhi is full of idiots and out of confusion they gave 67 seats to AAP. If its so, start meeting people of Delhi as an honest BJP worker and clear their minds, And I am sure you will win next election with 70 seats. All the best.

  8. JK - You can conclude anyway you want. There are 10 categories of lies and frauds already listed, and they stand as is.

  9. Sreekumar - Check Sikkim state's elections over the past 20 years. The ruling party won 100% of the seats, multiple times.

  10. All the intelligent spokespersons of BJP are busy in the cabinet now so BJP needs to hire some really smart, young and dynamic guys to counter these lies, infact BJP should have a permanent team who are consistently working on image building and a separate team to counter twitter/facebook campaigns which was rampant in loksabha elections but Delhi was lost because of over confidence on part of BJP, even I and other blogs like Indiafacts did a post on Modi's suit which shows that BJP did not firefight properly but you know what Kejri becoming a CM is a blessing in disguise as it will show people the true colors and also he cannot run away this time citing dramatic reasons, he might be remembered as Muphy's law soon in the field of politics having said that he certainly did his homework which is something that the BJP should understand and gear up well to counter this new face of congress

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