Monday, February 3, 2014

Read This Before You Vote in 2014

My request to young Indians;

Please do not support Anarchy. It kills nation from within. It leads to civil wars. Anarchy dooms your future. India is toooooooooo big a nation for experimentation. Unproven Rahul, Anarchist Kejriwal or Communal Mulayam etc., are too risky.

I tell my friends to trust #NaMo4PM. Once you read this fully, you might agree with me.

Activism saying everyone is chor is good only on streets. But you need a govt for security, infrastructure, finance etc. If you don't vote for a quality party that can form government, it is as good as not voting. And those who don't vote also need infrastructure, healthcare, education, jobs, security, services and more. So please pick the least dangerous and most effective choice.

Always vote for a party that helps in job creation. India needs crores of regular jobs and  Self-employment type, and not the useless casual jobs like MNREGA. A govt should simply play a referee, rather than being an employer. It already has crores of government and public sector employees to feed, so it definitely does not need more.

Those who came to job market between 1950 and 1991 were screwed. Four decades of socialism and exessive populism of Nehru, Indira and Rajiv had emptied India's treasury and pushed it to bankruptcy. I clearly remember how the 1980s youth were so frustrated and always abusing the system and government. Mindless and excessive socialism had killed private jobs. Please don't let India slip back to it.

India has over 17% of the world's population, but is a part of under 2% of the world's trade. That's a huge problem and a clear result of failed socialistic economic policies. Support a pro-trade and pro-capitalist leader like Narendra Modi for your future. I am convinced that among the choices we have in front of us today, he is the best when it comes to creation of jobs, boosting international trade and attracting investment to India.

Watch some 1970s or 1980s films in most Indian languages:- Dictator leaders, anarchist system and jobless youth in a crime prone society. The much celebrated "Angry young man" was a product of that failed system, while many other developing countries overtook India by miles. Don't let India slip back to such mess. Making a profit was a sin during Indira Gandhi's 1970s when the upper tax rate was in 90% or more!! Can you believe it? If you earn Rs.10,000, you pay taxes well over Rs.9,000! Such system encouraged black money, hawala and in turn serious crime.

MNREGA kind of casual job creation using our tax money is also fundamentally wrong. A 25 year old, who just moves stones from one end of the road to another for Rs.140/day, develops NO skills for a productive future job. And worse, many get paid moving any stones either, due to severe corruption.  I am from a generation which saw liberalization and global trade revolutionizing job market. High paying private jobs are the ONLY way forward.

If we do not ensure a Modi win in May 2014, India may slip back to the horrible 1990 and 1991 situation - begging the IMF, pledging gold, facing humiliating conditions and more.

It hurts me when I see folks in 20s wasting their time supporting socialists and anarchists, killing their own future. Always, always remember - If a govt gives something free or at subsidized rates, it takes away YOUR own money meant for infra, security, research, jobs or healthcare.

A government should not work on creating jobs as it is not trained to do that. There are millions of private entrepreneurs who can create jobs. A government must just sit back and support them. Take an example that I have watched right in front of my eyes. 20 years ago, Bengaluru had less than 10000 IT jobs. Today, more than 4,00,000 IT/BT/BPO jobs, plus another 10,00,000 supporting jobs. The city exports Rs. 1,40,000,00,00,000 worth of software earning India a huge cache of valuable foreign exchange. That's the power of private jobs when governments just sit on the side with regulation and infrastructure development.

I hope you will make the right choice in 2014.. Say no to anarchists.. say no to the socialists.. say yes to responsible capitalists and pro-trade folks. Yes, they may not be perfect, but here is the bottom line. If your son, daughter or some other young family member can earn Rs. 20,000 as the starting monthly salary, the monthly subsidy of Rs.200 for water, Rs.600 worth of free power, 30 KG of rice at Re. 1, free mixie, and other stuff just does not matter. Creating and sustaining jobs is the best way a government can serve the society. That's the ONLY way to remove poverty. Everything else is just sloganeering..


  1. A very well written article...I do agree the youth gets very fascinated by so called Anarchists very soon and do not give a long term thought of their future.Its the need of the hour that they realize the importance of their VOTES which can fetch them a Good Govt. in Turn Good Policies for the Nation to Move !!!

  2. an honest query : You shall pl appreciate that no matter what diet we keep a person in, it'll all come to naught if he has cancer & aids.

    Similarly, all planning & vision documents shall prove hoax if based on the foundation of corruption & criminality.

    If you're not a bjpian, then pl give an honest unbiased thought on what NaMo has done to clean atleast Gujarat govt. & Gujarat govt. off corruption & criminality.

    ........Remember........everything...will be eaten away by corruption & criminality that's rampant in both cong & bjp.

    If cong is graduate, then bjp is PHD........!!!!!!

    Plz......plz.....plz...refute my charges with substance & fact....

    Throwing mud at others doesn't make one clean !!!!!!!!!!

    1. There are many examples one can give to your question. Ahmadabad BRTS is one. Water situation in Gujarat is another.
      Perhaps the most shining example one can give is turnaround of the gujarat electicity board. here is the story in one leading business magazine:

      To quote from this report for your reading pleasure: "A study by Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad has estimated that the project saved the state capital expenditure of around Rs 23,000 crore, or about 5,000 megawatts, or MW."

      To compare, accumulated losses of state electricity boards in India is more than Rs. 1 lakh crores. Gujarat's contribution in that is a profit of few hundred crores!

      I think a guy who can turn around a state electricity board can turn around India as well. The anti-corruption crusaders of AAP should demonstrate a similar systemic turnaround before castigating others...

  3. Sathapaty, do u know anything about e-governance ???
    e-governance is the only effective and easiest way to cease corruption .
    if u don't understand this simple fact then i rnothing but a newbii in politics !!

  4. Sathapaty will try to explain u in "beginner level " ��
    like in BJP ruled states e-governance was implemented completely in any selected department !!
    lets consider "sales tax department "
    in karnatka , gujrat, MP, u can get a VAT no. Within 48 hours of applying through online, no need to visit department at all ( if u r visiting then for sure u will be forced to five bribe )
    even to get a c-form , all u need is 24hrs , and u will get it.

    but near by mahrashtra gov too implmented e-governance but with restrictions , no matter wat u need to visit local sales tax department and beg them for vat registration, even for c-form u can apply online but cant download it online , u again need to visit dept pay them bribe and obtain c form.,

    so here's conclusion , officials in Karnataka r not able to earn under table, so no jacking or anything like that to get jobs in sales tax dept, so no bribing from gov officials to mla's or mp's . Got it .????

  5. Check this link about what the capitalism did to Americans...