Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Reddy Brothers and Andhra Pradesh Congress Links

It's September 2011 and Indian national media got their much needed *next BJP bashing* opportunity. On Teachers day, the entire TV media was flushed with Janardhana Reddy's arrest by CBI team that moved in to Karnataka's Ballary, from Andhra Pradesh's Hyderabad.

*Breaking news* everywhere, as expected. I am sure even the most hard-core BJP supporters considered Reddy brothers as liability when the party is trying to fight corruption of various Congress governments, including the big one at Delhi. But since they were one of the virtual bankers of BJP in their only south Indian government, not much was talked about. For those opposed to BJP, Reddy brothers were the favourite target to keep punching all the time.

2011 September's big CBI arrest was of course be Janardhana Reddy.. the key 'Reddy Brother'. Some questions popped up:
  • But how much does India know about Politician Janardhana Reddy versus businessman Janardhana Reddy? (and of course his brothers Karunakara and Somashekhara)
  • Was Reddy brother 'problem' specific to BJP.. I mean Sushma Swaraj, Yeddyurappa etc.?
  • Was Reddy brother empire only in Karnataka?
Let me give some details, all from public domain of course. Most of us got just the one side of the *evil* Reddy brothers. After reading all links provided in the following points, you will get an understanding, if not already known to you, how the use & dump policy of Congress party works in India, while using all available channels to portray Reddy brothers as a purely BJP side of the equation.

Here we go just focusing on one aspect of Reddy empire in Andhra Pradesh, the Brahmani Steels. There are more things, but I don't want this blog to be a 20 pager. For starters, Gali Janardhana Reddy was arrested by CBI yesterday for mining and business activities pertaining to Andhra Pradesh, not Karnataka. That's enough shock for some who only watch NDTV or read Hindustan Times.. Trust me :)

Read on...

  1. Gali Janardhana Reddy, one of Reddy brothers, a Telugu person from Karnataka, with heavy Karnataka politics involvement, started Brahmani Steels.
  2. ex-Congress CM of AP, YS Rajasekhara Reddy, went out of his way to give Reddy brothers, 10,000 acres of Andhra Pradesh land, cheaply. You read it right.. 10,000 acres!
  3. Not just giving 10,000 acres of Andhra Pradesh land to the *evil* Janardhana Reddy as media portrays him, this Congress CM YSR even lobbied for Rs.1,000 crore of loan to Reddy bros from Sonia's Government of India! Can you believe a Congress CM going out of his way to get such a huge loan to a rival party's businessman, that too someone that Congress spokespeople and solidarity media keeps painting as *mining mafia* day in and out? ;)
  4. Andhra Pradesh opposition made ruckus over Congress & YSR diverting even precious water to Reddy brothers' steel plant, from other existing projects. But would Rajasekhara Reddy care? He was THE leader and his path was always the right one.
  5. But what did Congress do when Andhra opposition opposed Reddy brothers' project in AP? Congress workers staged a dharna in Andhra Pradesh, supporting Reddy Brothers' business and opposing TDP! This must be the height of Congress BJP rivalry.. Congress workers doing a dharna to support BJP's Reddy?? That got me cracking... LOL! That's like BJP workers doing a dharna to support Sheila Dikshit, Suresh Kalmadi or Digvijay Singh in my opinion... the favourite opposite party's targets to punch.
  6. Indian TV media wouldn't dare to show the picture here on TV;
    Andhra CM YSR and Gali Janardhana Reddy (Source: Gali's blog)
    but Sonia Gandhi's best South Indian 'friend' and a stalwart Congress CM in the south, sat next to Janardhana Reddy on stage when all this was happening, fully supporting Reddy brothers' project which was directly linked to iron, steel & mining in Andhra Pradesh :) 
  7. Two years back when Congress CM YSR died, luck turned bad for both his son and Reddy brothers. YSR's empire inheritor, Jagan's business link with Reddy brothers probed.
  8. TV Media would not even report that Reddy brothers made profit in Congress ruled Andhra, BEFORE their plant began! And how did that happen? They most likely just recycled mining profit already made in Andhra Pradesh with the help of Congress stalwarts, into the new (and non-existent) company..
  9. TV media won't highlight; Reddy brothers made huge profit by selling non-existent plant to Jindal.. again in a Congress ruled AP :)
  10. Now link the whole puzzle.. Sonia's most trusted South Indian CM was YSR. YSR as shown above had acted as the most trusted lobbyist & business proponent of Reddy brothers, in Andhra Pradesh. He even went to the Andhra assembly and pooh-poohed criticism of Brahmani Steels! They take advantage of his offers, then sell their Andhra business to Jindal. Also recall that the same Jindal was used to trap Yeddyurappa, for a paltry 10 cr donation to his son's education trust in Karnataka :)
  11. If you think deeply, after going over Reddy brothers' facts, you will realize why Yeddyurappa fought so hard in 2009 to get them out of BJP ministry, before they pulled a coup & held him ransom via resort rebel politics in Hyderabad. If you heard Andhra Pradesh Assembly debates, YSR & Congress using Janardhana Reddy was common knowledge.
  12. Fast forward 2 years since YSR's death and suddenly, Jagan, his son is out of Congress. Congress badly need to checkmate his growing clout while they have failed miserably in resolving Telangana passion. What better way than giving a blow to their own ex-CM's son's business partner Janardhana Reddy? Look how Reddy brothers became liability to Congress in Andhra, in just 2 years after their stalwart CM's death..
Have you heard any 'unbiased' & 'objective' media or 'secular' political person till date asking.. if BJP's Reddy brothers were so bad, why did Congress CM YSR lobby for 1,000cr loan with Team Sonia, allocate 10,000 acre land and even divert precious water for them in AP from other projects??

Don't you think they are valid questions, considering the constant bickering between Congress and BJP over Reddy brothers?

Keep pondering..


  1. pondering????? my god it calls for a serious discussion. more important is that only god knows how many such YSRs must be operating out in inida with cong /sonia blessing but we DON't know. i wonder if you as an observer (i assumed you are not a journalist) can dig in and get so much info, whats keeping our media from doing it. but then, i always had the habit of asking stupid questions, whose answers i always knew.

  2. The recent Lokayuktha report which brought down BSY and the Reddy brothers has clearly mentioned that the illegal iron ore was exported from Ports in AP and Chennai port. This happened after BS Yeddy banned mining of Iron ore completely in Karnataka. It is strange that Reddy brothers could not ship the Iron ore from Karnataka ports where it was their own govt., but could do it easily from Andhra ports where Congress is ruling. Who in the Andhra govt, and central govt. was aiding all these operations of export of illegal iron ore. Even Railways carried more illegal iron ore. Was Railways under BJP control ?

  3. Gr8 work brother. Congress's links with Reddys is exposed. Congress govt.in Andhra is the sole nurturer of illegal mining in both Andhra n Karnataka. Reddy brothers revolted against BSY when he imposed Rs500 toll on iron ore laden trucks. If BJP top brass wud have heeded to BSY's plea to remove Reddy's, BJP wud not have faced such a big embarrassment. xposed. Congress govt.in Andhra is the sole nurturer of illegal mining in both Andhra n Karnataka. Reddy brothers revolted against BSY when he imposed Rs500 toll on iron ore laden trucks. If BJP top brass wud have heeded to BSY's plea to remove Reddy's, BJP wud not have faced such a big embarrassment.


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